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MidWeekTease where Kenna learns to waddle

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~Rock Star Nico loved Kenna, and wanted to do everything for her. Swaddle her, coddle her and keep her safe.
The result? Kenna was stifled, so it was inevitable they'd clash.
That clash resulted in them splitting up. Until Kenna turned up at one of his concerts and Nico had the chance to explain himself.
Would she listen? If she did would she understand, accept he'd changed and give them a second chance?
All he could do was lay his heart on his sleeve and hope...
All Kenna had to do was listen to her heart, and his, and decide…
It sounded oh so easy, but was it?~


Here's your tease...

Even though in some strange way she enjoyed the gig, nevertheless, as the stage emptied, Kenna grabbed her things and stood up ready to make a swift getaway. Three hours and two encores were enough to make her desperate to go and nurse all those re-remembered hurts.
Sam grabbed her arm. "You cannot go yet. There's another encore, he always does three. Look, here he comes back now." She bounced up and down clapping and whistling, as Nico strode back on stage and fastened on his guitar. Short of creating a ruckus, Kenna was stuck.
Five minutes later she was shell shocked and wanted to go somewhere alone, and wonder. Sam was having none of it.
"That was awesome, just him all by himself, eh? I wonder who the Kenna he sang about was? And regrets and stuff. Pity you're Jenna, not Kenna."
 "Yeah. True enough. Ah well." Kenna blessed the fact her new friend had heard her name wrongly.
"You could pretend it was you, but then you'd have been a right divvy, to let him go."
Divvy? Kenna searched her brain. She almost asked Sam if she was calling her an idiot before she remembered Sam wasn't actually talking about her.
"Well it sounded like he thought he was the divvy," Kenna said as Sam tugged her out of the theatre and into a side street.
"Nah, never," Sam said loyally. "This way, come on."
In truth Kenna had been happy for Sam's support, and had been going to say thanks for a great evening and goodbye. Until Sam announced they were going to the stage door.
Kenna had protested. Said she had to go. Pleaded fatigue, beriberi and pure fright. Sam was having nothing of it.
'Ha'way we're going. Dinna talk shite."
When Kenna had held back she'd turned big, piteous eyes on her. "It's my only chance. Don would tell me the toon's more important." The Toon was the local football club. "Well sometimes it is, but not if I can get Hughes's autograph. Hey, he might sign my arm."
 After that, what else could Kenna do other than go along with it? At least Sam hadn't wondered if he'd sign her boobs. Kenna knew if that had been the request, he would have politely declined.
However saying okay and being pushed to the front of the crowd were two very different things.
"Ha'way, let me mate in." Sam had used her elbows to carve a track through the five deep crowd. "She's preggers," she announced for the third, or was it the fourth time, "and I divna want it to pop out on the pavement."
"Sam, this is so not a good idea," Kenna hissed. "I don't look pregnant."
Sam rolled her eyes and patted Kenna's tummy. "Bless her she's a good wee bairn to be. Shove your stomach out and groan that'll do." She hissed the last sentence and the look she shot Kenna would have felled lumberjacks at fifty paces.
Kenna did her best, but never having been pregnant her attempts at a waddle were met by Sam's rolling eyes.
"Ha'way, not very good. You look more like a constipated swan."
 Constipated swan? "Sorry, all new to me." Kenna apologized. "I've never been pregnant." If I had it would have been a miracle.
 Sam snickered. "Never mind, I have. Just follow me."
And heaven help her Kenna did.


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  1. Oh man, she's in so much trouble. Great tease, Raven. :)

  2. Yeah, this is gonna be a memorable reunion. Great tease, Raven!

  3. Lol, I can so see this. Congrats on tomorrow's release, Raven :-D

  4. Idk why I read this I hate to be teased...... BUUUUTTTT I'M GLAD I DID LOL O MAN O MAN

  5. Great tease, Raven, and I love the colloquial speech :)