Friday, 10 July 2015

#FF which has no name

Welcome to #FF
Where it's 100 words insired by this picture


It was so much easier than she thought.
And so much harder.
To be held and know it was the last time
 To feel his hand on her back, his breath on her cheek and know…
It was the last time.
"You could come with me."
"How?" Could she? Dare she?
"Do you want to?"
Oh yes.
"Then dance and hold on."
The music increased in tempo their steps matched it. The room revolved, her dress spun.
"Now Carita. Hold on, it's now."
Her feet left the floor and they flew…

"From your word to mine. Welcome. This is now home."

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Love R x


  1. Another intriguing piece worth reading. Raven, I'm very impressed by it. I wish there was a way to expand this piece.

  2. Now I'm really keen to know more. Great flash

  3. Where are they going? You created quite a realm of the unknown. Great process in building up your twist.

  4. I'm with Pablo - where are they going? You've got me hooked, now, Raven. Great flash :-)

  5. Great flash, Raven :-) I hope she likes his word.

  6. wow I love this sweet fantasy. Loving and caring and what a new life she'll have.