Wednesday, 15 July 2015

#MidWeekTease When Catherine finds out more about... The Wager

I'm in a quandary...

What to tease you with. I have a book out on Friday—The Racing Driver's Wife, from Evernight Publishing—and The Rock Star's Wife came out a couple of weeks ago.

But for some reason, I woke up thinking that my #MidWeekTease had to come from an oldie.

Therefore *Drum Roll*

Catherine's brother has lost a wager, to Brooke—the one man in the world she tries to avoid.

Now she has a problem. 

Because her brother wagered... her.

~~~~~     ~~~     ~~~~~

Brook patted her on the back until her coughing fit petered out. He was enjoying himself immensely, and he hadn't even begun to spar with her.
"Walk before Lady Sefton catches us," he said as he handed her a fine lawn handkerchief to mop her eyes. "She will think the worst, that I have insulted you at the very least." He tugged her in the direction of the park gate until she had no option other than to move with him.
"You have insulted me," Catherine said. She wiped her eyes and blew her nose, and held the handkerchief out to him. He ignored it.
"No, my dear, your brother did that. I told him if he lost, you would be my prize, yet still he gambled."
She tried to stop walking, but he wouldn't let her.
"What? You are saying he knew you would ask, demand me as the winnings and still he wagered?" She sounded dumfounded, as well she might.
"Catherine, your twin is a gambler, be thankful it was me he played, not Doressy or Mellion. For he would have lost the estates, his honor, everything. Only because I chose to keep quiet was his cheating not exposed."
She sighed and it hit a nerve deep inside him.
"You knew?"
"I knew even before his bumbling efforts he would try. He is

greedy, weak, and thinks the world owes him. It is time he learned it does not. And nor do you. Why did you agree?"
Catherine was silent for so long, he thought she might not answer him. He did not jog her or demand her reply; instead he strolled, to all intents at ease with her lack of communication. He would not let her know how much she hurt him by not opening up.
"Because I could not bear to see mama's face when she found out she had lost everything...again."
"So instead you prostitute yourself? Do you have so little pride?" He was incensed, his skin prickled. He strove to keep his anger out of his voice. It would do no good to his cause.

"Pride does not keep a roof over our heads, or put food on the table. It does not clothe my sisters or pay for their come outs. It is a cold bedfellow."
"And I am not." He ignored her astonished gasp. He intended to shake her up, make her think, and if necessary scare her silly.
"Come, we have walked far enough, let me escort you to your maid. We must not lose all sense of propriety." He began to retrace their steps; smiling affably at the people they passed, making sure none could detain them.
"What about the wager?" she asked as they neared Betsy. "When do you want me?"
"Catherine, I have never stopped wanting you. As to when I will have you?" He kissed her hand very formally. "You will have to wait and see. I will contact you."

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  1. Oh well. He's playing this close to his chest. Great teaser, Raven.

  2. Oh, I feel bad for Catherine, that she believes she must cover for her brother. But, Brook seems to be very honorable, even though he wants her.

  3. Fab tease, Raven, and congrats on another upcoming release! :)

  4. I notice he might be incensed with her prostituting herself, but not enough to give up on the wager. ;) Good tease, Raven. :)

  5. Hmmmm, a rakish rascal perhaps? What some men won't do to win their woman instead of just confessing true feelings. Men! LOL
    Great tease, Raven.

  6. Glad you revisited this, as I love this story :-)