Wednesday, 29 July 2015

#MidWeekTease #Freeread Compromised

Just can't resist teasing you from Compromised, the prequel to the Cursed Treasure series, of which book one, My Lord Suitor is out next month...

Compromised is out this Friday, 31st July.

As Compromised is very short, this tease is also very short. But hey if you want to read more, its free from Friday...

They entered the trees, and Theo held her shoulders to guide her as he led her in a convoluted manner through the bushes and trees. "Follow me. If I say down, crouch and stay still." He was pleased her dark green gown was splattered with salt and mud and would be perfect camouflage if needed.
"Sad as I am to show my weakness," Mijo said faintly after several minutes of walking at a pace many soldiers would find hard to keep up, "when can we slow down? I have a most uncomfortable pain in my side."
"Five minutes and we can rest." Theo checked his route by memory and led the way down a ravine. "Follow me here. Once we're across the river, I know of a cave we can hide in and recover."
She obviously decided to save her breath and nodded.
He slid to the edge of the river and turned to help her the last few yards. "Wet feet now, I'm afraid."
In the faint predawn light, he saw Mijo roll her eyes. "As they haven't dried from the boat, I can't see it matters." She gathered her skirts and tucked them into her waistband once more. Her shapely legs gleamed pale in the moonlight as she removed her half boots.
Theo let his body tighten and admire her for a brief moment before he bent and removed his own footwear and slung it around his neck. Why did his arousal appear at such an inconvenient moment?

"The water is cold, and the riverbed slimy. But it's shallow and not too wide. We've had a dry month. Take my hand." At least the cold would shrivel his pego and lessen the chance of her outrage at his reaction to her. It would be too much to hope that she'd like his body's visible admiration.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on the freebie. I'll check it out. Great tease.

  2. Oh I bet she wouldn't be the least bit scandalized by his arousal ;-)

  3. LOL, nice one, Raven! And that's another gorgeous cover :)

  4. Well done! Sounds like a great read!