Tuesday, 7 July 2015



Okay, I know I don't do this as often as I should, but as I'm home from my holidays and have the net, here's this weeks offering


Close your eyes, breathe deeply three times count to seven, open your eyes and there you were.
Or rather there he would be. Right in front of her.
Susan sighed. What was she doing wrong?
"You don't believe."  
The voice danced around her, as the water swayed as if moved in time to some unheard music or a ghost of a wind, unseen and unheard by her.
"What am I supposed to believe?" She whispered the words to the sky, to the water and in truth to herself. "No one told me."
 "You know if you chose to open your mind."
 "I do?" She shook her head. "I'm no psychic or whatever. I'm doing what I was told."
The water rippled. Was it a sign?
"Not really, you’re going through the motions. You need to believe."
Easier said than done, but…
"Prove it." Susan said. "If I need to believe show me how."
The leaves of the water lilies swayed hard. A roaring noise filled the air.
Jack's bike?
The noise stopped with a bang.
"Jack." She screamed and shook.
The water stilled and there, shadowed and faint, she saw…
"Do you believe now? Are you ready?"

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  1. Oh how I've missed your lyrical style, Raven. There is so much mystery here with a strong sense of emotional tension. Very nice!

  2. I have to agree what Kendal said -- a lyrical style that had me interested to read a little more.

  3. It's beautiful, mystical, and 200 words is not nearly enough. Please continue this story

  4. Believe indeed. Fab tease, Raven :-)