Sunday, 5 July 2015

#SexySnippets where Kenna wonders...

As a lot of you may know I have crap net, and there is no guarantee this will post, especially if I try to add a cover or links

So, I'm going with the basics...

7 sentences from The Rock Stars Wife

Rock Star Nico was in love with Kenna and wanted to do everything for her, coddle her, and keep her safe. The result? Kenna felt stifled, so it was inevitable they'd clash. That clash resulted in them splitting up—until Kenna turned up at one of his concerts and Nico had the chance to explain himself. 
Would she listen? If she did, would she understand, and accept he'd changed and give them a second chance? All he could do was put his heart on his sleeve and hope... 
All Kenna has to do is listen to her heart, and his, and decide...


"I think I want to be wooed."
 "Wooed? As in courted?"
Phew. "Yeah hearts and flowers, and love notes and poems."
"Daisies, and another song."
 "Yeah, daisies. Not sure about the song. The last one was enough." She rolled her eyes, and kissed his cheek. His skin was soft and warm, and the scent of sweat mingled with the earthy, woody essence that was Nico. It was all she could do not to move the kiss to his mouth hold him tight and say, sod em all; I want you now.

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  1. I loved this snippet. So good because I was in her head with her. Lovely.

  2. Lovely snippet, Raven :-)