Sunday 28 September 2014

#SexySnippets where I mention being Dominated by the Earl

Hi all, Happy Sunday and welcome to #SexySnippets once more,

Where. each Sunday a group of authors post seven consecutive sentences from a book or WIP of theirs.

This week, I'm taking my sentences form Dominated by the Earl, (formerly titled A Matter of Faith). It's due to be rereleased under its new title and with this fantastic new cover soon.

*Nora is trying to seduce Justin before he leaves to fight...*

The slither of fine lawn caressed her skin and slid lower at a gentle pace, in ever increasing waves. As her gown left her body to pool at her ankles, the look in his eyes brought moisture to gather at the apex of her thigh and coat the curls that embraced her nether lips like a lover. Not even in her mind could she use all the words she heard uttered as she acted the voyeur.
Nora stood on tiptoes and let her tongue slip between his parted lips. As she tried to entice a response, Nora wondered just what a female had to do to make a man respond. She was not left in doubt for long. 


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Love R x


  1. Love that last line and that cover is gorgeous! :-)

  2. Lovely snippet that makes me want to read forward and back. Great.

  3. Love, love, love the cover and that last line. LOL Great snippet, Raven!