Sunday, 21 September 2014

#SexySnippets...where we all go to the fair

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Where a group of authors post seven sentences from one of their published works, 
from a WIP

This week, I've decided to go back to an early story, The Price to Pay. 

Raig and Vairi are at the fair...

(they're on the galloping horses, and she doesn't really like them)

 Why the hell had she chosen the ride if it upset her so—unless the feeling of the pole on her pussy was worth it. So he would make sure the feeling of his cock crowding her ass surpassed anything else she may feel; from the subtle shift of her hips, he could tell how turned on she was. Well fuck, if the pole did the job, who was he to complain? He could supersede those feelings later.
“Sway with the motion, move with it, yeah, ah that’s good," he said, and encouraged her as they spun round as the lights blurred together, and the music flowed from one ride to another. Raig could sense her becoming aroused, her breathing changing pace, her body shaking, as the friction between him and the ride increased and intensified. She leaned back into him before shuddering her climax. 



 Do a friend a favor? Easy. Persuade the woman she's your soul-mate - not so easy. Does this cougar romance stand a chance?

Raig was doing a favor for a friend - babysitting mum. Who'd have thought that 'mum' turned out to be the woman of his dreams?

Raig could see their future, Vairi could only see the age difference. He may say you were only as old as the man you feel but she couldn't do the forever he wanted. Too many obstacles stood in their way, especially when she finds out Raig has not been telling her the truth by omission. She too has secrets she's not willing to share. Can they open up, be honest and put their doubts behind them?  Then discover how satisfying a cougar romance can be?

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  1. I remember this scene and I love it, especially since I suggested it. lol

  2. All the fun of the fair. :-) Nice snippet.

  3. Makes me want to go the fair, lol. Love this story, Raven :-)

  4. I am so with Doris on that one Raven lol. Great snippet.