Sunday, 7 September 2014

#SexySnippets Well I don't mind if you do...

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I'm letting Jack and Coll play again this week...

(I'm nice like that)

Surreal dreams were all well and good, but he'd much prefer a good hot, wet, ‘fuck me now’ scenario to this nail-biting, worrying what next, one.
"Pinch me, Coll," he said in an urgent voice. "Just once."
"Sure," Coll said and pinched the fleshy back of Jack's hand. "That do?"
Jack rubbed the skin where the sharp sting had hit. "Yeah. Okay, I accept I'm wide-awake and not in a nightmare, and I can say it sucks." 

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Love R x


  1. Oh, this is a lure to more. Lovely snippet.

  2. I wonder what he is worried about? Great snippet!

  3. Oh yeah, I'm curious about what has him living a nightmare. :(

  4. Oh no what nightmare? I guess I will find out soon as I have brought a copy. All the best with your release. xx

  5. I know what happens, and I'm intrigued, lol. Great snippet!