Tuesday, 23 September 2014

#TantalisingTuesday The Space

I haven't done this for ages, but here's my #TT

"Here's your present." The deep dark, and teasing voice was full of something exciting. Something different and something that hinted.

She looked and saw... "There's nothing there."

"Rubbish. Look again, and tell me, what you see."

She stared. "An empty space."

"Exactly. A void waiting to be filled. How are you going to fill it, pet?"

I don't know. What is there?"

"Ah well. That's up to you. Life has so many possibilities, don't you think? Nothing is truly empty. If you can't see anything, maybe you're not looking hard enough. Even emptiness is full of something, be it air..." the voice paused. "or need."

A soft kiss touched her cheek. What do you need, pet?"

"I need you," she said. "Next to me, with me. Helping me to cope without you." She choked. "Without you." 

"Ah. But, pet. I'm always here for you, you know that. If not in person, in your mind, in your heart. I'm yours for ever."

She held her hands out in front of her. "I need you here with me. How can you let this happen?"

"Ah, pet, that's life. But remember it's not an empty space, it's an opportunity waiting for you to fill. And I'll be with you every step of the way."

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  1. That was brilliant. Truly outstanding. I wish I had been clever enough to think of it. Aside from that, it is oh, so true, isn't it? We can be paralyzed with fear, loneliness and long, or we can choose to live and fill the voids a lost love, a death a separation leaves in their wake. This was a very special piece of work. No one word, no one sentence, no one paragraph can be singled out when the entire piece is marvelous. xo

    1. Thank you so much Muffy, I'm glad you liked it :)

  2. It's that kind of romance that I'm now interested in reading. Erotic in a way and stimulating. Welcome back, after a long time.

  3. I enjoyed the subtleness of this piece. I also like how it drew me in ... great piece

  4. How sad. At least she carries a piece of him. If this is a piece from/in a WIP you have some missing quotations. No deterrent from enjoying the piece! But something to check before you submit. ;)

  5. heart breaking yet excellent tease

  6. *sniffs* fab tease, Raven :-)

  7. Excellent teaser, and so thought provoking. Here's hoping to read more teasers