Tuesday, 2 September 2014

It's Tuesday time for #TantalizingTuesdays . Where I introduce you to Eli and Cain and ....Really?

 200 words. 

A picture of your own choice. 

And lots of talented authors, along with so many fantastic flashes that you can find 

(Source, Pinterest)

I spotted this ptcture on Pinterest, and showed to to Doris O'Connor.

It inspired us both. Here's my interpretation...

"Really," Eli confirmed. "This is it." He ground his cock into Cain's groin, pushed his lover's arms high above his head and held them there.
"Ah, man." Cain nuzzled and nipped Eli's shoulder. "Must we?"
"Yeah, and stop that."
Cain opened his eyes wide. "What? Oh you mean my dick wanting to tangle with yours? Turn round and let it tangle with your ass instead then."
Eli hid a grin. He loved this teasing, light-hearted side of Cain. "In your dreams. I told you, nothing doing." He blew into Cain's ear, nipped the lobe and whispered slowly. "Remember. Three thirty? You said it was up to me. This is me up to it."
"Fuck," Cain groaned the word. "I was sex-sated. Under the influence of Eli. Anything I said then shouldn't be taken down and used against me later. Unless it's my kecks and you use them to tie me to the bed."
"Oh that'll happen later, I promise you. Just not this later. This later is where I tell you to man up, suck it up and put it on."
"My cock?" Cain's voice was ever hopeful.

"Nope, the costume. My turn to play Santa, you're his elf."


Happy Reading,

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  1. Lol, love it, Raven!

  2. LOL that last line was hilarious. Love it

  3. pmsl I really wasn't expecting that last bit. Great snippet Raven.

  4. ROFL, I didn't see that one coming at the end! Good one!

  5. I loved this one, too. It is a great take on the photo: a little barter, and banter and a little BDSM in costumes. Clever, entertainingly clever, Raven. Loved it!!! <3 xo

  6. I loved this highly entertaining Teaserwith their humorous bantering. I want to read more and see what debvelops bewteen these lovers. Like how long have they been lovers.