Wednesday, 1 October 2014

#MidWeekTease and one very special Dom is thinking......

My goodness I need to slow down a bit this weeek, and smell the coffee... Here was are at #MidWeekTease time again. 

This week I'm thinking hard, with one of my favorite men...

Athol is wondering what to do next...

~Athol Donaldson stood by the grave of his grandmother and wept. For what he had, and wouldn't have any more. For what had gone by and couldn't be repeated. And for what had been said in anger, and never retracted. He'd loved her dearly, and she him. But her acceptance of his lifestyle had created a rift between him and his parents, and worse still, between her and his parents. Now that rift could never be healed.
He swore he wouldn't make the same mistakes again. It was one thing to be told he was less than a man. Something else, to believe it. His grandmother hadn't, but he'd let other people sway him. Now he knew how wrong they were.
"Gran, I'll remember how you stood up for me. Loved me and showed me who I was. Made me proud of myself, and were always there for me. I won't let you down, I promise. Sod the rest of them. I'm me and proud of it."
Deep down, he knew they'd been wrong. Now, he was all man, confident in his own skin, and happy with his sexuality. But people who love you—or profess to—could get under your skin and make you doubt yourself. Well, no more. From now on he'd take no rubbish from anyone. He'd been down and not out. Now he was on the up. He vowed, there and then, to be the best he could in whatever profession or lifestyle he chose. He owed it to his champion—his gran. And he wasn't ever going to apologize for who or what he was.
If the rest of his family hadn't been able to accept him, like him, love him as Athol––as he was––it was their problem. All of them. Not his.
He hoped. ~

~A Dom's Decision~ Evernight Publishing~

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  1. I wish him luck. That's a great stance to take, and not an easy one. Great tease, Raven. :)

  2. *sniff* I do so love Athol :-)

  3. Great tease, Raven, and I love that cover!

  4. Intriguing tease. I hope Athol finds his happiness. Thank you!

  5. Great internal dialogue, Raven. My favorite lines were, "It was one thing to be told he was less than a man. Something else, to believe it." So true.