Wednesday, 8 October 2014

#MidWeekTeasewhere I say, I am three...

This week (the 7th to be exact) is my 3rd authorversary. It's gone so fast, it only seems like yesterday I got that very first, 'we would be pleased to publish' email.

Yesterday I signed  my 68th ( give or take) contract... a m a z i n g

So, where better to tease than with a bit of that unedited M/S?

The Alpha's Challenge.... Coming to you from Sirem in Dec/Jan

(Jacob is a wolf shifter. Ari is a human who has lusted after him for years...

He growled. A proper, deep, 'watch out there's a wolf about' sound. Ari jumped and giggled somewhat nervously he thought.
"So, is this where I say, 'good wolfie' and remind you I'm not really a tasty snack?" she said, in a breathy voice. "Because I better tell you, I think I'd be as tough as old boots. I've been working out and I'm more muscle than meat."
 Now I know for a fact that's a lie. The nearest she gets to working out is deciding whether to walk up stairs in her office block or take the lift. And nine times out of ten, she'll chose to take the lift. Jacob shook his head and his fur danced around his face. If she knew it was him then why was she lying? Then he saw the challenge in her expression.
He never ever backed down from a challenge and Ari knew it. Before she had a chance to react he took hold of the collar on her jacket and tugged. Taken by surprise, she tipped onto her back, and Jacob pounced. He rolled over and over with her and each time he landed on top he nipped her neck. Not hard, not deep and not for long, but he knew fine well each nip would add to the excitement he sensed building inside her. To say nothing of increasing the connection they had and would hopefully have in the future. He might be a shifter and a wolf, but he was also a man. Combine all the facets and he knew exactly how to arouse a woman—especially one as receptive to him as Ari. His canines came in very handy.
She giggled and then the giggles turned to soft sighs and sweet little moans. Although they made him ache to take her, Jacob knew it was time to move away. It was much too soon to inflict his bite of possession. Hell, he didn't know how he felt about that ultimate move, let alone if Ari knew anything about it at all. He rolled off her and sprang up onto all fours before shaking himself and growling a warning to her not to get any nearer.
Ari's eyes widened, but she obeyed him instantly. Jacob wondered when she would start to query how she understood him in his shifted persona. And what she'd say when she discovered he could hear everything she said. He'd have to tell her, sometime soon, and give his sister what for. For now though, he'd shift and escort her home. The rest of the pack had left, but it was late and he didn't like the idea of Ari wandering through his woods in the middle of the night, and unescorted. There could be all sorts of perverts out there. He mentally rolled his eyes. For fucks sake he sounded like a Victoria papa, and the stupidity of his thoughts could be amusing if you considered he'd shifted from man to wolf.
Jacob blanked his mind to everything other than shifting back to a man. As ever he revelled in the sharp pains and tingles that showed him he was changing. As his skeleton began to crack and rearrange itself he realized he'd be naked in front of Ari. Not only that, but once changed he always had a hard on to rival any policeman's truncheon for length and thickness. Usually, that meant giving himself immediate relief, but he couldn't do that now. It would be bad enough to be starkers. Personally he couldn't care a jot, she might as well see what would be hers before too long if he had any say in the matter. However he had a feeling it might be one step too fat for Ari.
As his body jolted and settled into maleness, he heard her gasp. Not in horror, but more in an, 'oh my I want' way. Or was he whistling for the moon?
"Yeah." Jacob glanced at Ari, who was staring at his rigid cock. Already pre cum leaked from the tip, and coated the bulbous head. "Sorry, I can’t do anything about it."

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  1. Sixty-eight contracts in three years? My goodness you are a prolific, focused author, and I've been a lazy girl indeed. Congrats on your three year authorversary!

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