Tuesday, 7 October 2014

#TT where I see those words... We Dare You...

It's Tuesday and time to flash...

200 words to go with a picture of your choice. I've put my picture st the end today. To see what other people have done, click here


WE dare you…
I stared at those words until they blurred in front of my eyes.
We dare you.
But, dare I? What if it all went pear shaped? What if I failed? What if I was rubbish, and my plot untenable?
What if…
One of the saddest phrases I know. Along with if only, and I wish I had.
Could I pull up my big girl panties and do it? Be brave and try.
If I don't succeed, at least I'll know.
I will do it.
Although, saying those four words is so much easier than actually doing it.
It's now or never.
Mind made up, I began to plot and plan, and gathered everything I thought I might need. I was surprised how easy it was.
I would do this. I would succeed how ever long it took—or die trying.
I tried not to dwell on that expression. It wouldn't happen. Somehow I'd succeed, however difficult and not die. Not yet.
I knew it would be hard, nothing so important could be easy.
No love affair was ever without its pitfalls, its highs and lows.
But I'd win.
I flexed my fingers, it was time.
I wrote…

(PS, it's my three year author birthday. My flash tells you how that came about,
 My first book Wallflowers Don't Wilt was published on this day in 2011 by Breathless Press.  I have an ecopy to give away to one person who comments on this…)

Happy reading,

Love R x


  1. Excellent tease, Raven and I should definitely save and use this to help me get back on track

  2. That was the most intimate and special teaser I have ever read. What a peek into your fears and self-doubt. And lookie now.....68 books later and we can't even begin to thing of stopping you. I loved this tease and wish you so many, many more. xo

  3. You caught those emotions perfectly, and Happy Authorversary :-)

  4. Love Wallflowers. Happy Birthday babe x

  5. Oh Raven that was gripping. I felt every bit of your doubt, fears, passion and determination in that. Superb tease xx

  6. Excellent teaser. Mind gripping, attention holding, thought provoking. You are an excellent writer!