Wednesday 17 September 2014


Morning all, it's teasing time again. I'm in editing heaven at the moment. Yep, I like editing because I know i'm making my story better with every edit I do.

So, I thought I'd tease you this week with a wee snippet from my WIP, tentatively called The Alpha's Challenge...

As ever it's unedited word vomit...

"That is for waxing and scribing." He stretched down and ran his finger across her wet slit and into her even wetter pussy hole. "You like these ideas, pet don't you." It wasn't a question.
"My pet wants it all. Such a pity we need to go slow, because I think my pet would take everything I gave her."
Jacob put one hand around her waist and led her to the double level benches.
"Will you let me start, Pet? Let me spank you ass? Redden your skin and leave my handprint as our first mark?"
There was only one thing she could say. Excitement and arousal danced over her skin and into her body. The pulse at the base of her pussy throbbed in much the same way it did when she climaxed, and she was darned sure she was as wet as she was then.
"Yes please Sir."
He helped her kneel on one bench and adjusted the other one so she knelt over it, before he showed her chain and manacles. "I'm not untying your hands because I love to see them like that. But I'm tethering you so you don't fall. Status, pet?"
"Still wolf."
Ah that's my lovely pet." He crooned the words as he spread her legs and fastened them as well. "Oh such a beautiful sight. Would you like to see?" He tilted a set of mirrors so she could see her bare ass, no longer with the tiny strip of lace disappearing between her buttocks. "Now, pet. Let me show you how beautiful this will make us both feel."
He brought his hand down firmly on one ass cheek.
Ari was thankful she was fastened or she'd have hit the roof. Who on earth thought that was pleasure needed their head examined. It bloody hurt. She swallowed and bit her lip, determined not to cry, or shout her safe word. Jacob wanted this and she wanted Jacob. So she'd take another one…
Or two…
He smacked each cheek three times in quick succession and rubbed and stoked the sensitive skin between each strike. Ari still wouldn't say it was pleasure, and it still hurt like hades, but…
"You submit so beautifully, pet. Look in the mirror, watch me, feel with me. Count for me. Three more on each side. Just three."
She could take that.
This time the sting was more intense, her eyes clouded over and she couldn't see clearly. The following spanks were harder, and harder…and she flew. Now she knew what the words pleasure pain really meant. All that mattered was that harsh stroke and the stings and tingles that raced through her. Her mind focused only on Jacob, his soft words and his firm hand.
It could have been sixty strokes not six, she had no idea, and she didn't much care. She was his.

(A bit too many 'pets', but it's a got to type this as the words form or else I'll forget it story... I'll edit later...)

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Happy Reading, Love R x


  1. Jacob wanted this and she wanted Jacob. So she'd take another one…The things a girl will do! Great, tease Raven. xoxo

  2. Jacob, Jacob, Jacob. Love him!

  3. To quote you. "Write faster. I want to redit this." :-D

  4. The last line makes the scene. Great teaser, Raven.