Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Mid Week Tease... it has to be Nash...


A chance meeting at a masked ball leads to explosive and unforgettable sex for both Nash and Felicity.
Reunited under dangerous circumstances, they realize they may have to fight for their love, especially when Felicity is promised to Nash's brother.

With the future of the country at stake and unsure who to trust, can there be a future for the star stuck lovers?

Have I got your interest? Here's the tease...

She let herself in and sat in the big chair that held so many memories, and swung it around in an idle unthinking manner. It stopped so suddenly on its revolution that Felicity was almost jerked to the floor.
She stood up and bent down to see what had snagged under it. A scarf. Specifically one of her silk scarves that Nash had used so creatively. And there was no way that the recent visitor could have missed it if he had been more than a few yards into the room. The only reason she hadn't noticed it was because her mind had been preoccupied. Now she groaned. It had been several days before that they had played so successfully and she couldn't dare to hope that the study hadn't been visited since then. Damn Nash, why hadn't he seen it?
With a sigh large enough to lift the papers in the desk, Felicity locked the door that led into the bedroom, rechecked the one to the hall was indeed secure and surveyed the room. As it seemed certain she would have the next few hours to herself, she might as well continue with her work in sorting all Nash's stud figures out. She was so engrossed in her task that the first she knew of Nash's return was silk over her eyes and her sight taken from her.
Her chair was spun around so fast that Felicity thought it might take several seconds for her stomach to catch up with the rest of her body. "Waaa..." She didn't get any further as a hand was placed over her mouth. Tempting as it was to nip the palm she resisted. She was much too interested to know what happened next. Of the fact it was Nash who had her thus, she had no doubt, as his special essence surrounded her.
"Ssh, let me show you how exciting life can be." Nash's voice was low and full of desire. As she began to sit up and lean into him, her legs and arms were fastened, and cool air wafted over her thighs and quim. Felicity shivered as her skin became covered in goose bumps, and her body tightened in anticipation of what might happen next. As she hoped, his mouth came down on her nub. His tongue lapped at her juices that had rapidly collected, as if they were waiting for his touch. Felicity bit her lip as his tongue flicked over her sensitive core and he used his lips to sip the evidence of her arousal.
"Don't scream," he said in a warning voice. "Can you do that for me, or do I gag you?" She knew if she asked him to he would. But the thought of material filling her mouth didn't appeal.
"Will... quiet..." She whispered the words. Then she bit hard on her lips and clenched each fist as best she could as he renewed his attention to her body.
It was so arousing, cocooned in her own secret world of passion and shadow that it was impossible not to whimper. Her body was so hot, she wanted to be cooled by water, but at the same time needed the heat to grow and consume her. Nash covered her lips with a finger. She gave into temptation and licked it, as he nipped her nub.
Felicity's body rocketed over the edge of the chasm she'd been teetering on, and she soared. One corner of her mind registered how her skin prickled and her cunt throbbed. Even behind her closed eyelids she saw stars of every color imaginable. She sucked hard on Nash's finger, unwilling to lose even one iota of the sensations ricocheting off her and then bombarding back onto her to stir her senses.
How long they stayed like that, his mouth soft on her cunt and his finger in her mouth, Felicity didn't know, or she realized, as her body quieted, didn't care. She felt loved, pampered, and safe. A yawn overtook her and she gave a quiet laugh. "My Lord you have worn me out."
He lifted his mouth, and as he did so, she shivered. It gave her a sense of being chilled and alone. It was strange how such a small thing left her feeling bereft. His hands touched her nape and she opened her eyes to watch the silk fall across her breast.
"Hold still whilst I untie your hands and legs, love." She would have giggled if she could be bothered. Where did he think she would have the energy to move? Felicity considered her body. She was drained, in the best possible way, and she was sure her bones were now jelly.
Nash made short shrift of the ties around her wrists and rubbed her skin gently, before performing the same ministrations to her ankles. She sighed in pleasure, unable to use her voice, as Nash said the words she would have liked to utter.


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  1. So sexy! Thanks for joining the tease, Raven!

  2. Very sensual! I really liked the lines -It gave her a sense of being chilled and alone. It was strange how such a small thing left her feeling bereft.- Nice tease! =) C.R.

  3. Raven, You never cease to disappoint! Great tease!

  4. You always impress me!