Tuesday 3 September 2013

#TantalizingTuesdays ... Yours


Even looking at them made him salivate. They were there for a reason. To make him think.
Of sex.
Stefan gulped, and picked one long boot up in his hand. The leather was soft and warm to the touch, and he enjoyed the smooth grain caressing him as he stroked his fingers over its long length.
The color made him laugh. So her, so perfect, so…he shied away from that thought. It was one thing thinking it, another accepting it.
He rolled the thoughts around in his mind. Could he? Would he?
 Her voice seemed to echo in the air, stirring the motes of dust that danced in the sunlight.
"It's your choice, only yours. Are you man enough to admit what you need?"  She could almost be in the room with him.
Was he?
 Stefan took one last long stroke of the boot, and inhaled the leather and sex smell that surrounded him.
His cock stirred and he smiled. He could do it. He wanted to.
Spine straight, and with a determined stride he walked toward the door. Tapped, waited for the command and entered.
Bowed his head and swallowed as he offered the boot to her.
"Mistress I'm yours."

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  1. Oh, yummy. I can smell the leather and feel the soft purr of the suede. Well, done, Raven, Yes, my dear, you did DO it, and quite thoroughly:) xo

  2. Nice short! I love what you did with just a boot. :)

  3. I loved his fantasy and eagerness. To begin with the boot and transcend into the room where she is. 'stirring the motes of dust that danced in the sunlight." Excellent phrase Very pleasingly erotic.

  4. Your visuals are wonderful. Great teaser!

  5. Brilliant, Raven, I want those boots!!

  6. Great work, I'm curious what'll happen next.

  7. Love the sensory detail, Raven, and the sense of conflict in the protagonist. His reservation and delight are both palpable. Everyone's at the top of their game this week!!!