Friday, 6 September 2013

#FlashFictionFriday... more than a chair

It was a chair. Just a chair. That's that they all said.
Not to Pauline it wasn't.
To her it was hopes, dreams and sadly, what might have been.
The seat was worn and the velvet had lost its nap. Scuff and scars in the wood cut through the grain, and the arms showed signs of wear.
Pauline sat on her knees, closed her eyes and wished.
One more chance, just time to say yes.
The creak made her start. The soft tap on her head made her look up.  
"What do you say pet?"
She sighed. "Yes please Sir."

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love  R x


  1. Soft and enticing Raven. Lovely.

  2. Fabulous, so glad she's getting another chance :-)

  3. That is lovely Raven, very tender. I second Doris with the second chance bit. xx

  4. Wonderfully written flash. The visuals were amazing. I could really sense her longing for him. The chair held so many memories. Is he really there or just a ghost?

  5. Mysterious and beautiful! Great Flash! :)

  6. It's made me curious who or what was gone and how the chair reminds her. intriguing flash

  7. Mmm love this, so want to know what happens more and why he is giving her a second chance? What happened the first time around to make this occur? I want to know more, awesome flash!