Monday, 23 September 2013

Muttering on Monday

*waves, blinks and hunts for coffee*

Like the sound of that? Yeah me too. I mean it's Monday. First day of a lot of peoples working week.
Not mine, not really. Actually for a lot of years I worked in tourism, so my weekends could be any days if you get me.
Now however?
*snigger* I am a TAG.
A what do I hear you say? A T A G. Third age generation. That's right I've got my bus pass.

So as I wave DH off to work—he's not TAG, more TTQ (2 3/4) AG— I can rub my hands together and think ah ha... I might mutter today, but all my mutterings will be about pesky characters who won't do as I want but make me write them as they want. Now this minute and yes before coffee.

(ha, ha I sneaked the coffee)

And I realize how darned lucky I am. I'm doing exactly what I love. No, not just writing this blog, though it's pretty darned good being able to do that. I mean writing.

I <3 the fact I'm able to write. Love it. Not only that, people read my stories, some like them. (Thank you all) It's a fantastic feeling. Even when those characters get mouthy and mutter at me.

I enjoy the thought (no actually I more than enjoy it. I shout yee haa and do a chair swivel jiggle) that people want to read more. Yes, I am writing Athol's story...  and I know how lucky I am. I don't take any of this for granted. However I know even if tomottow someone said that's it, no more Raven to be published, I'd still carry on writing. (But I hope no one does say that) Once the bug is in your blood, you're hooked for life— lap top is attached to one wrist. Pens, pencils and notebooks to the other.

Oh, I can mump and moan (and mutter) with the best of them. And procrastinate. Which is what this muttery post is in one way. I've a compicated  bit to write and I'm arguing with my hero. He's very strong willed. However so am I.

If you're still with me, thank you. If you skipped the middle well you missed the story about the whippet and the deer. ( hahah that made you go back and check didn't it?)

So what is this all about really? Just that I'm happy, I've had a great weekend with DH and now I'm ready to get back to work. I may be TAG, but I don't use my bus pass every day. And my Monday mutters are good ones.

Now just who will get their way over that tricky scene?

happy reading,

love R x


  1. Happy Monday :) you sound cheery!

    You know I love your books, and I too hope nobody ever says no more!

  2. A whippet and a deer, you crack me up. :) Happy Monday.