Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Come and be teased by Nash....

"Well now." He spoke in a long, slow drawl. "Have you heard of the concept of a fast ride?"
She had, the stable lads often bandied it about as an expression for what she had so heard called a fast fuck. "Yes of course, I may be female, but I use my ears, and I'm not one who minces her words, as you well know. Do we have time for that?"
She held her breath, and the ticking of the clock echoed the noise of her heartbeat in her mind.
"We have time," he confirmed.
"Good." Felicity backed toward the bed, and as she hoped, Nash neither let go of her nor lowered her hands but walked pace to pace with her. Once she felt the edge of the bed beneath her knees, Felicity let her body go limp and tumbled back onto the coverlet. As Nash leaned over her to follow, she twisted and tugged. The unexpected movement left him sprawling face down beside her. His hold on her hands loosened, and Felicity giggled as she pulled them away. Before he had time to react, she fished out the scarves she'd hidden earlier and tied his hands behind his back.
"Can you roll over?"
He lifted his head and stared at her over his shoulder. "I can, but why should I?"
"Well, if you want me to be able to reach the parts of you that I want to, you need to give me access."
Nash raised an eyebrow.
Damn him, he knows what that look does to me. Makes me want to lie back and let him take charge."If I don't?"
Even though the look in his eye showed Felicity he was teasing, she strove to keep her temper. Damn it if they only had a short time, she wanted to touch him, to do things to him, to make him hot and ready to come.
"Then I’ll leave you to stew and service myself instead." She put her hand over her mouth in shock. Had she really said that?
He winked. "That is almost an incentive not to do as you ask. However, this time, as I am inquisitive to see what ideas you have I'll do as you ask." He rolled over so fast that Felicity hardly saw the move. "I'm all yours."
She licked her lips. Where to start? His cock moved under the material of his breeches, and Felicity decided it needed attention. She lifted Nash's pantaloons from his waist, and drew them carefully over his prick. As it sprung free from its confines, she gave into temptation and licked the head, catching the drops of liquid that gathered there on her tongue and swallowing. Nash groaned. "Let me return the favor, please love, let me taste you.”

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