Friday, 20 September 2013

Time to indulge

come and indulge with us...

I can never remember a time when I didn't have a book in my hand. According to my mum, I even sat in my pram holding a library book. I'm sure there's a bit of poetic licence there, even if I do have a vague picture in my mind. (Auto suggestion probably.)
Anyroads up, as they (which thry I have no idea0 I progresssed from being read to, to fathoming out all those words. To reading and reading and woo hoo writing and reading until today...Reading writing and published.

And to get there I never gave up my favorite indulgences...

In no particular order

Chocolate... Yep just good old dairy milk. From the fridge.

Champagne. Any sort as long as it's brut. From the fridge

Long fragrant baths. With scented candles, mood music, a good book and fizz. From the fridge

DH with... er we won't go nto that. But not from the fridge.

And Books. Anywhere, anytime, Prefarably overlooking the sea, with warmth, and yes you've got it, Chocolate, fizz and DH.

What about you? do you have an indulgence that creeps in everywhere?

I'm offerinmg an ebook from my back list and there's some amazing prizes from all the other bloggers.

Her'es how to find them


Happy Reading,

Love R x


  1. for me it's watching the tv show spartacus and reading m/m romance novels

  2. Reading is my indulgence :) oh and a big bag of thai sweet chilli sensations once in a while!

  3. Reading is my indulgence also and caramels. Thanks for sharing the hop and the giveaway. Happy Blogoversary to Book Indulgence evamillien at gmail dot com

  4. On the rare occasion that I have time, I indulge in a good book, and a glas of wine. I'd love to throw in a warm bubble bath, and the hubby, but alas! kids and work seldom allow.

    GFC: Karen Arrowood

  5. M/M, chocolate, and coffee all are recurring themes!


  6. I love books. That's my primary indulgence. Champagne is my second indulgence. Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. Books are probably my biggest indulgence. I'm happiest when the kids are all busy and I can sit back after a long day of work and read.


  8. Books, tea, and chocolate.

    pjmillion (at) comcast (dot) net

  9. Strawberries, world class chocolate ice cream, and books.

  10. Reading is my indulgence. I carry my Kindle with me everywhere so I can take advantage of reading opportunities, should they arise.


  11. chose Michelle Wiims as my winner. She gets to chose an ebook from my back list. Thank you all for commenting :)