Tuesday 30 July 2013

Mik on Tuesday—with a Guardian

The Guardian is Awakening

Please welcome the talented and lovely Michaela Rhua, and Guardian Awakening...

Secrets and Lies.
I want to briefly talk about hidden secrets, a topic that keeps coming to mind. You see I try to keep my writing side away from the everyday me. I like having something that is just mine, away from the everyday. Often when I am with friends who are not hugely close, I wonder what they would think of their friend writing sensual fiction as I do! Then I smiles at my own secret.
Maybe that's why in this series: The Guardian Series, (which starts with Guardian Awakening and the next is Guardian Possession) I focus on character's who have hidden secrets, known or unknown.
Romy has tried to live her own life and make her own choices. Only she did not bargain on Essen looking for her. They meet and there is a connection, something they both cannot deny. Only he is keeping something from her too. As you would expect it all comes out, when Essen has to make a choice.
Zachriel, in Guardian Possession thinks his life is clear cut – serve the Dark Master, Capture one of the enemy (Royanne) and seek revenge for the way they hurt you. Life is not as straight forward as that. For Zachriel the hidden past comes out slowly, which means he has to look at his life all over again and work out the truth from the lies – and he's been told some big lies!
The only thing with trying to keep secrets is that it can have a way of coming out. I might after a few too many red wines blurt out what I write, when friend are going on about the evils of erotic tales etc. That will really let the cat out the bag.
Love MR x

 Guardian Awakening By Michaela Rhua.

When a runaway meets a Guardian out for revenge, two worlds collide. Can love conquer all, or is their relationship doomed before it even started?
Essen is out for revenge, and exotic dancer Romy is his target. After the struggle for control of the Gateway between the human world and the supernatural world brings tragedy, this Guardian Demon will stop at nothing to get what he wants: retribution! From the moment they first meet, sparks fly between them, and they cannot deny the connection they have, even if she seems to be hiding her true identity. But how is this possible when they are from two different worlds? Can their love overcome the tormented history that divides them? When Romy is kidnapped, Essen must face his true feelings before it's too late.

He gently cradled her hand, enjoying the closeness
of her as he applied the ice to her wrist. He could smell her
floral perfume, and her warmth reached out to him. It had been so
long since he had wanted to feel close with anyone, but he could
not understand why it felt right with her. He closed his eyes and
inhaled. Damn it, she was so irresistible. He wanted her so badly,
naked underneath him.

When he opened his eyes, he found her staring up at him, her
eyes soft and tender. She slowly lifted her free hand and touched
his face gently. He felt that soft touch breaking though the barrier
he had created around his heart.

He stepped forward, holding her gaze with his. That movement
stilled her, just as he knew it would. But the touch did more.
He placed a finger on her lips, which quivered underneath. The
look of helplessness in her gray eyes somehow touched him deep
inside. Could the ice around his heart be melting? Unable to stop
himself, he slipped his hand around her head, holding it still
while letting the ice in his other hand fall to the floor. The clattering
noise seemed distant to Essen as he snaked his arm around
her waist. So curvy, but he knew that already. She did not resist;
in fact, she seemed to welcome it. He felt her hands stroke up his
arms to his shoulders.

He lowered his head and brushed a soft kiss on her lips. That
brief taste was enough to throw his plan out of the window. He
needed more, now.
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