Thursday, 11 July 2013

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Please give Dianne a big Ravenwood welcome. I've got the coffee, wine, and gluten free cookies, and now I'm handing it over to her...

Oh hey, I'm so glad you made it by. *glances around* Doesn't Raven have the most beautiful blog site? Today I was going to tell you about my story in the recently released Ad-Dick-tion vol. 3 anthology, PAUL'S MISTAKE. This is the sequel to ERAN'S RELEASE, which came out in Ad-Dick-tion vol. 2. But it occurred to me that you might want to know a little about these men before you read either of these stories. I made a list:
1.     Eran is twenty-one years old, medium height, with chin length black hair and wide vulnerable blue eyes. Paul is twenty-five, compact built, with brown hair, brilliant green eyes and a sexy smile.

2.     Paul works as a loan officer at the same bank Shelton does (SHELTON IN LOVE). Eran is a college student and works as the new barista at their favorite coffee shop.

3.     While Paul has had his share of lovers, he's Eran's 'first time' which has brought them especially close together.

4.     Paul likes a double espresso and Eran can't resist a blended peppermint mocha.

5.     They both love the lights and energy of the city at night.

6.     They enjoy sitting in front of the fireplace at night with a good book, though more often than not they end up in each other's arms before the evening is over.

7.     Paul is still close with most of his family. Eran's mother walked out on them when Eran was a child. His abusive father is dead and his only sister won't talk to him since he put his brother-in-law in jail for assault and battery.

8.     Paul likes a nice rare prime rib. Eran prefers Thai food.

9.     They both like to slow dance. Paul doesn't care what music is playing as long as he can hold Eran tight against his body.

10.  Paul thinks they are meant to be together forever while Eran is slowly coming to believe him.

Paul has no doubts. He wants Eran in his life. But can Eran, a young man from an abusive background, come to terms with his fears so he can have a future with this man he loves?
Paul woke up, stretched, and smiled at the sunlight on the ceiling. He didn't have to guess why he was so happy. The warmth of Eran's body next to him in bed was all the reason he needed. Disappointments in the past made him treasure the time he had with this lovely man. He turned on his side and laughed softly. Eran had stolen all the blankets, as usual, and rolled up tightly. Only the tip of a pert nose and Eran's lush mouth were showing.
Paul edged closer, unable to resist the new hoops snug in Eran's full bottom lip, emphasizing the plump delight. Eran's warm breath fanned his cheek and he ran his tongue along the silver trinkets and sucked them gently into his mouth.  Oh god! He recalled the hardness of the metal over his shaft last night as Eran swallowed him down. He shuddered at a surge of lust and brushed his lips against Eran's, seeking entrance. Eran sighed sleepily, accepting Paul's tongue into the warm honey of his mouth.
"Mmm…so good," Eran murmured once Paul let him breathe, a smile curling his lips. He opened his pretty blue eyes and tried to wiggle out of the blankets. Paul took advantage of his immobility and pinned him to the bed with his body. He deepened their kiss, tongues sliding and tangling as he searched out all the sweet corners. Eran sucked on his tongue and Paul hardened, the metal hoops in Eran's lip driving him wild to feel them on him again.
He ground his swollen dick against Eran's thigh and need jolted through him when Eran murmured approval. "I think someone wants to play," Erin teased, then with a sudden twist of his body pushed Paul off and tossed back the blankets. Paul drank in the flash of white skin and sleek muscle before Eran pressed him into the pillows and straddled him.  Erin's cock arched between them, thick and proud, and a moan of pleasure erupted from Paul as Eran rocked, sliding their erections together. He reached up and tweaked the buds on Eran's chest, gently twisted the hoop in his right nipple.
It wasn't enough! He wanted that hoop in his mouth. He sat up and fingered the silver ornament but Eran grabbed his wrist. "Not so fast! You said I could make love to you this morning. You had your turn last night."
"We're not making love," Paul said and rubbed the blushing head of Eran's wet cock with his thumb, thrilled at the shiver that ran down the young body of his lover.
"No?" Eran's voice was unsteady as he watched Paul stroke him.
"No. We're having sex." Paul leaned down and tongued the hoop in Eran's nipple while continuing to pump his shaft, silk over steel. An ache started in his balls and he leaned into his darling, urging him onto his back.
Eran chuckled and lifted his hips. "It's only sex? Then suck dick, honey."
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