Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Yes It's Tuesday,and yes #TantalizingTuesday with...Justice

Shifting had never been more exciting and full of hope.
To do it and head off into the hills mean so much more this time.
He padded along the track, his paws made no impact on the mossy earth. His stealth was in his favor.
Would he be waiting? Dare he hope?
It was one thing to be told his partner was there for him, another thing to believe it.
So often he'd been disappointed. Oh not by Darion, but by life in general. Now though, as he sniffed the air and scented what he hoped for, his heart lifted.

 It was true.
There in the distance was his future. Lupe had paid his dues, atoned for his sins, and his reward was almost there.
As he turned the corner, a snarl was the only warning he got.
He spun, claws out, and attacked. Now he scented him. His enemy, his nemesis his rival.
Not now, not now.
Fury made him vicious. He went for the throat…and won.
Satisfied, Lupe skirted the body, and waked to his fate.
Love, Darion and forever.
The human in him worried about the crime—the wolf was satisfied it was justice.

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  1. So glad to see you back, Raven, and with such a great tease too :-)

  2. Great tease Raven. I wanted more

  3. Remarkable writing but on the dark side. I'm wondering if they are/were lovers.