Friday, 5 July 2013

Ad-dick-tion 3... is here, and so is Wt

  • I am lucky enough to have Wt here, chatting about how he wrote his story in this anthology
  • Ad-Dick-Tion 

    My name is Wt Prater and I write MM romance. This is my third story published, my first with Breathless Press. I write MM because i am a gay man and it's what I love to read. I live my fantasies out though my characters. I only wish my sex life was as thrilling as theirs is.
    I prefer to write alone, when everyone else is sleeping. So while i can write anywhere, i write best in the wee hours of the morning when my brain dreams on paper (or the computer screen).
    I write by scene. I generally don't outline or overthink it. I don't know where the characters are going until i write or type. Then i puzzle piece everything together and connect the dots as needed.
    This story is about Enver Mann and his journey into his fantasy, with his wife's assistance.
    I wrote for my wife, who is bisexual, and loves a hot story of two men trying to figure out their relationship, while having hot sex.

  • My essential for writing is endurance. This craft, like so many others, is not about the short term commitment, but rather deciding to run the long race. There are many hurdles, but one can grow, respect, and honor this art if they commit whole heartedly to it. I had to, nothing else drives my passion to the clouds.

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