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Safe Sex in Romance
By Em Petrova

When writing erotic romance, I often wonder how safety-conscious readers are. It feels clunky to me to stop mid-passionate scene and throw a condom on my hero. Yet if I skip this important step, my editors yell at me. What do you think? Is safe sex in romance a good thing or not? Would you think, “Ewwww. He’s not wrapping up his monkey”? Or do you just assume the condom is in position? And what about the heroine’s birth control? Do we need to know the heroine has the Minerva IUD placed? Just as we surely don’t need to know she’s tweezed one VERY problematic hair on her upper lip since the age of fifteen, dropping info about birth control sometimes feels like a mood-killer.

However, after giving this some thought, I wondered if it might be fun to add condom shopping as a scene between the hero and heroine. It might go something like this:

“Oh, look, Marianne. Here’s a glow-in-the-dark condom!”

Marianne giggles and glances around to see if anyone else is in the aisle with them. “Do I need it to glow in order to find it, Rob?”

“Er…no. As a matter of fact, I need the King Dong condoms.” He rubs his manly chest. “Don’t want one to break because it can’t handle my mammoth—”

“No! How about banana flavored?” She plucks a box from the shelf.

“Honey, if you’re that hungry, we can stop off for take-out. I don’t need my banana to taste like one.”

“Or ribbed for her pleasure.” She rubs against Rob like a little cat, purring over the perfectly placed ribs.

“Do I get any pleasure out of this experience? Are the ribs on the inside?”

“All right. What about warming condoms? They have this lubricant that heightens sensation…”

He stares at her, his jaw set in a hard line. “You don’t think I’m hot enough for you?”

“No, I didn’t say that. I mean, we haven’t done it so I don’t know yet—”

“Well, at this rate we won’t have time to do it. I have that eight o’clock meeting and this shopping excursion is taking forever. I’ve bought cars in shorter lengths of time.”

“Then go screw your car then, Rob. Because the condom is rather important.” She tries to turn his attention from their argument and bring him back into the moment by selecting a packet of black condoms from the shelf.

He knots his hands into fists and glares at her. “Are you trying to tell me you want someone besides me?”

She throws the box at him and storms off.

Or not. *grin*

What do you think about safe sex practices in romance? Do you stumble over the insertions (haha) or do you expect to see responsible characters? I’d love to hear from you!

Here’s a little scene from SLICK RIDER involving the lack of a condom.
RATED ADULT—graphic, thigh-clenching and get-a-room hot

Keeping her eyes downcast, she lifted his hips and tugged his shorts down, boxers and all. Pressure mounted in his core as his dick sprang free. She grasped the root, gulped air, and dove under the water.

Swallowing him.

He bucked upward, unable to stay in his chair, wanting nothing more than to press the head of his cock deep into her sweet throat. Juss dropped his head back, dizzy with sensation.

Lilly came up for air, smiling. “You’re big.”

“Christ,” he bit off. She said that without batting her eyelashes or in a false voice. She said it because she meant it, which was hotter than any dirty-talk he’d heard in the past.

She tugged her tank down to free her breasts, and Juss almost came right then. Her nipples were large and dark, the centers as hard as stones. She circled each with a forefinger, and he followed the path with his gaze, jealous of her fingertips.

Cupping their weight, she drew them together. He locked his gaze to her tight cleavage, drowning in images of gliding his cock between her mounds. She eased forward and hitched her legs around his waist. The extreme heat between her thighs met his bared cock. It took all of his control not to rip aside the spandex covering her pussy and drive deep into her body.

But he didn’t have a condom. Whatever they did, they’d have to be creative.

She hooked a palm around his nape and guided his head to her breast. He parted his lips over the puckered bud, teasing her. She writhed against him and pushed her nipple more firmly into his mouth.

He sucked on it, watching pleasure play over her face. Damn, had he really thought she wasn’t pretty? She was flat-out gorgeous.

She rocked against his erection. He rumbled a groan around her flesh, licking and sucking.

“Oh yeah, that’s so good. I knew a man with a mouth like yours could give a woman extreme pleasure.”

Again her guileless words rocked his world. He pulled his mouth free and devoured her other nipple. She quivered in his lap. For long minutes, he sucked and flipped his tongue over her breasts, and her muscles grew more and more taut.

When he thought he’d blow, she reached between their bodies and gripped his cock.

“Damn, baby.”

“You like that?” She watched his face as she applied pressure to his shaft, making a tight sheath with her hand and fucking him with her velvety palm and silky fingers. This was going down in history as the best motherfucking handjob ever.

SLICK RIDER now available

Em Petrova
~hardworking heroes—in bed and out~


  1. Awesome post...awesome excerpt!
    To answer your question, yes, that 'grab the condom' moment can be awkward, but if they don't, then I worry.

  2. Thanks for the weigh-in! I think the condom moment is necessary--or they need to discuss birth control to keep the realism.

  3. That conversation often times in real life is brief and based on a number of factors. Since I write para-rom a lot, this isn't an issue but my contemporary stuff, it depends on the publisher. And the story. A recent soon to be published piece has the characters already establishing their potential for monogamy IF the hero can pull his head outta his ass...

    Good post babe!

  4. :) thanks for stopping by!

  5. Wow what an exceprt! I'll certainly be looking out for this one!

    And loved the condom convo! :)