Tuesday, 16 July 2013

#TantalizingTuesdays...The Shoes

The Shoes

She wobbled and swore, and the shoes went flying to land sad and unloved on the floor.
Maddie glared at the footwear and turned her head to stare at the other occupant of the room. Defiance on every level poured out of her.
"Stupid things." She kicked one shoe, and winced as the studs dug into the soft skin on her heel. It fell over to rest on its side. Her foot throbbed.
It shouldn't be my foot throbbing, this is stupid, it's not me, it's so, not, me.
He didn't speak, just leaned against the desk, with his denim-clad legs crossed at the ankles and his arms folded over his naked chest and looked at her steadily.
"David say something," she said as the silence filled the room.
He stood up and walked over to her.
"I love you Maddie." He kissed her nose. "You, not your clothes, or your shoes. Let me show you."
A shiver of anticipation flowed through her. She picked the shoes up and set them carefully in the rubbish bin.

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  1. Awesome tease and those shoes ..... goodness me!

  2. Why is it always shoes with women? He made her feel better with his desire to show how he loves her.

  3. Great tease written excellently

  4. He gave her the best reply possible. Clever David