Friday, 13 January 2012

words my mother NEVER taught me... Watch my language

Is it just me or do other writers have the same problem as me—writing words you'd never dream of saying.

 Words your mother never spoke, words that would have got your mouth washed out with soap and water (Well a slap round the legs and no pocket money anyway!)

It's not that the are necessarily 'rude' either then or now, just not words you used in your life.  Lets face it most kids were given a name for their 'er private parts' and some of them bear no resemblance/connection to what they are a euphemism for. In fact most of them don't I'd say. But it was felt it was less crude? nicer? to say posy, daffodil, belinda, and er cozy, rather than vagina and clitoris. Now its pussy, mound, clit, slit etc

Males don't fare any easier. J-T, John Thomas, pecker, cock, dick, peter, sword, staff; all used instead of penis. I wonder why?

Personally, I find it a lot easier to say and write penis and vagina, (or as Maureen Lipman once said in a glorious slip of the tongue, penis and geneva!) Although the more I write cock, the easier it gets. BUT can I say it out loud? no way!

As for swear words/profanites/ crudities (No NOT crudites crudity) arghh.

Part of the problem is that in times gone by (how quaint) words considered vulgar today, were considered perfectly normal. For instance cunt, the no no word of present times. Perfectly acceptable to use in 17 and 18 century, fuck was in everyday then as well. (Some of my works are regency erotica, so you see my problem?)

Other words considered to be a no-no to my parents were frig, shag etc...( I am MAKING myself write them lol)

Perhaps all these words that were used, then were not and now ARE ( confused? never mind not much more to read) will as the roundabout spins become not acceptable again. Who knows?

Meanwhile, I'll write them, peeking through my fingers, trying not to actually say them, and hope it all works. But I'll still look round guiltily as I do... sorry mum, they made me!


  1. I think it gives us all a thrill to write them without the fear of a scolding but I admit I can't bring my self to use the 'c' word yet - give me time! Lol

  2. Funnily enough, the 'c' word is one of the words I feel most comfortable with. I find that silly nicknames make me cringe, and I read somewhere if it makes you cringe, it's time to change it! But everyone has their own style and that's what makes us unique.

  3. Hah, my gran would be giving me a severe telling off. Then again, maybe not - she was very...err... enlightened, shall we say ;-)

    Actually she'd probably egg me on, may she rest in peace. Jorja I detest the c word, but I have used it in one of my ms's cause it fitted the character. I still would not be able to say it out loud now, lol.

  4. i'm with you theres D i wonder if it is an generation thing? okay don't hit me, I know I'm older but ykwim