Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Now here is one hot cover

and one HOT hero. I saw this and drooled. now don't get me wrong, I fall in love with all my hero's but Gray here and Raig in The Price To Pay more than tickle my tastebuds. (and other places I better not mention on here :) )

TAKEN IDENTITY is released by Noble Romance on Jan 16th, and I'm rather pleased with it. It was my first contemporary, and I wasn't sure I could really write in this era. I had it rejected because I was told I had too many main-ish characters. (hero and heroine and three secondary? ) Oh well... but as usual my conscience nipper aka Doris O'Connor persuaded me to give it another go and woo hoo Noble took it AND were VERY complimentary. I had very little to do to it. So again it reinforces that old saying you can't please all of the people...
And I really am VERY pleased with all of it.
 so here's your sneak preview...

Jules was flipping rapidly through the pages of one of her diaries as he spoke. "As a matter of great interest, how did you find me all of a sudden? I mean if you’ve been hunting Julia Frayne since she left Gray, why has it taken you this long? I’m on Google." And how up yourself do you sound now, Jules, she thought, annoyed.
Gray looked somewhat embarrassed. "Yes, well, er, oh shit. We haven’t been looking that long. I mean for God’s sake, how do you admit the woman you thought was madly in love with you has made a right idiot of you, left you, and taken the family jewels.
 Jules and Sean burst out laughing.
"What?" Gray must have realized what he said because he colored faintly. "Yeah, well, the way I felt when I found out, you probably could have said she had. Put me off women for a long time, I can tell you. With one memorable fiasco, I am not  going to mention. Talk about being taken for a ride twice. However, I have learned my lesson, well. No more, never again."
"Ahh, bless. Build a bridge," Jules replied. "Hell where do I start?"
"Pardon?" Back to the lava freezing then.
"Pardon what?" if he could be short and shirty, then so could she. Probably better and more able to keep it up for longer. Not for nothing had she learned to hold her own against her brother. However, she'd be magnanimous.
"I'm sorry, what are you asking my pardon for?"
"Build a bridge."
"Oh that." Jules laughed. "Build a bridge. Get over it. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. It’s happened. End of. If anyone should be feeling sorry, it’s me. There’s someone out there using me as them. Getting up to God knows what. Now that is something to worry about. OK your jewels—all of them—are precious, but presumably, one lot is insured, and the other lot is now in full working order?"
She could see Gray was trying hard not to laugh.
"Perhaps you’d like to try them out?"

AND don't forget To Please A Lady is out this Friday 6th. Happy times!  


  1. It is a very hot cover Raven :-) So glad I nipped at you, LOL!

  2. Hot hot hot! Well done, Raven!

  3. I want to read this one!!!!!!