Monday, 9 January 2012

monday morning memories

I woke up early in a reminiscent mood, no idea why.

And started to think of Monday's long gone by.

(That wasn't supposed to rhyme by the way, but darn it now I'm singing it to myself!—To the tune of "Just my imagination, running away with me"—A new career if the writing goes down the pan?)

Back to Mondays :-

When I was at primary school, it was the day I got to meet up with all my friends again. The day to remember to take my dinner money in. (School dinners were fairly mundane, but as my friends ate them, so did I.) The day to be glad to be out of the house because in those days (or the olden days as my lovely children would say,) it was washing day.

By the time I got to senior school, Monday was always the 'Oh no, SCHOOL again day.' The day when I realised I hadn't finished my homework/couldn't find my gym kit/had lost my school dickie bow (I kid you not, the girls wore dickie bows)/really didn't want to see Joe Bloggs again. OR alternatively DID want to see Joe Bloggs again. (It sort of depended on what Joe Bloggs looked like/acted like, and how old I/he was)

Then it was work. Now Mondays, depending on the job, took on a whole new meaning. In some jobs, it was the groan, new week, five days at work syndrome. (and damn I haven't ironed a shirt/blouse/skirt) In others, (like retail) it made no difference, as I might have worked the weekend. In fact a Monday could give you the TGIF feeling only it was a TGIM feeling instead!

So children arrive. And they go to school. And then I got the 'Oh no It's monday feeling,' tied in with the TGIM feeling; depending on how the weekend had gone, and how much lack of homework/loss ofgym kit/moaning about a boy/girl/teacher I'd heard. (and how much arguing at high volume there had been.) And of course the "where's my blouse/shirt/skirt/tie/schoolbag" shouts!

Then  children move away. And it's up to me and DH to have whichever Monday morning feeling we feel is appropriate for that week. And it depends on which jobs and was there a blouse/shirt/skirt ironed etc to fix which feeling I got.

Now I'm not working outwith (posh word—for a Monday eh?) home at the moment, which means I have the luxury of only having half a Monday morning feeling. DH does work Monday to Friday, (unless he's away, but that's another story) so I suppose now it's the okay, alone again rub hands together, I can do what I want feeling tempered with the I really enjoyed our weekend together, 'sigh' it seems a long while until the next one!

And it gives me time to ramble on about a whole load of nothing!

 Although I think I know why I started to think of my schooldays and the dreaded dickie bow. But you'll need to read my interview on Wednesday with Alex Giovanni from Doris O'Connor's To Hot To Handle to find out why!


  1. I'm at the TGIM stage, because by 9am the kids are at school, the OH is at work and I have a few hours peace!

  2. Ah you summed that Monday feeling up perfectly, Raven. Though why Alex makes you think of school uniforms I do not know...

    *whistles innocently*


  3. I have the TGIF syndrome mixed with TGIM! I work my almost 40 hour shift in 3 days...Friday thru Sunday so I'm always thrilled to have Mondays...a day to myself when the kids are at school and my DH is at work. There is no way to describe the

    Enjoyed your post!

  4. Interesting musings - I know what you mean about the whole Monday stigma thing. I'm in retail these days (funny you should mention that!) so I definitely go through different feelings about Mondays right now. Congrats on your current Monday status - I hope to be there in 1 to 2 years, if all goes according to the big plan! ;-)