Thursday 26 January 2012

A ranty sort of blog against people who....

do not switch off electronic equipment when asked to on a plane. (Mind you why don't the cabin crew check again AFTER they have asked)

I came home mid haul last week The person next to me didn't turn her ebook off til I asked her if it had some thing other ebooks didn't to make if allowable. ( it was a kindle lol) and a teen in the row opposite kept his Iphone AND headphones on all the time.

Why? Doesn't it matter then? Do we not need to stop reading? I'd love to know because I always have to shut down at the interesting bit!

And while I'm on my ignorant passenger rant... how come you (you know who you are) think that being asked TWICE to put your bag under the seat in front of you and blatantly ignoring the polite request, makes it all okay. Because if we crash I hope it was YOU that plastic bag suffocated when it was pushed onto your face, likely though you'd be the one to walk out unscathed.
 Do people really think cabin crew have nothing better than to REPEATEDLY ask a passenger to do something that is expected? Come on. Are all these rules made up by a jobsworth just to make you roll  your eyes and ignore them? I don't think so.

But I would like to know why my kindle might send us to Guadaloup not Glasgow!

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  1. True that! If we have to turn our kindles off, even though they are the only thing from keeping my mind off the terror of flying, then so do you!