Monday, 2 January 2012

a giveaway!

I got up this morning to a very welcome email. It's my zip file with my multi-formats of to Please A Lady, which is to be published this friday Jan 6th. AND a reminder I have some to give away. So Let's do it.

 One lucky person (Well let's hope they think so) who comments here on this post will win a copy.
 To Please A Lady, will be my second Regency Novella to be published, And I hope that anyone who is gracious enough to but/read it will get as much enjoyment from it as I did when I wrote it.

It's great fun, letting your imagination run riot, to create a scenario, meet your characters, and then see where they take you. (which I guess means I'm a pantster) I always start off knowing where I think we're going. It doesn't always end up there!

So meet my heroine Hermione—and her hero's! that's right, both of them. Berry and Ran. All strong willed, all very determined to get what they want and in the way they want it. Do their ideals coincide?

Here's an excerpt to whet your appetite, and don't forget to win you need to comment. I'll pick  winner on release day!

“I chose to join you both, to have an input in your decision, by helping to show you the delights and excitements available an you choose to accept us both together. For two months now you have, I believe enjoyed us both, separately?”

She nodded, no need to prevaricate, they both knew that was true

“Therefore,” Berry continued smoothly, “when Ran put his suggestion to me, I acquiesced immediately. For to experience we two together will I feel be, the pinnacle of all excitements offered.”

“You may feel so, I do not know so, and did not choose to know so as yet. If ever. I confess I am gravely disappointed.” More so because she would now not be impaled on his long hard cock, but that information she was not going to impart.

Berry’s eyes hardened, the look she noted in the eyes of Ran. Ah, they were going to push for an ultimatum? So be it.

“As are we, My Love. Our apologies if we have advocated for your decision earlier than you wished. But we feel that you have made your choice, else why ask to meet with us on the morrow. Am I right?”

Hermione nodded, and took a deep breath. Here was the time to make known the resolution that would herewith shape her life.

“May you now inform us of your decision? Are we to be three together, not three apart?”


  1. You are such a tease Raven!

  2. Looking forward to it the cover!

  3. Another great excerpt and I love the new cover too!

  4. Very sexy cover for a very sexy story ;)

  5. You're doing great, Raven!!! Keep it up! I can't wait to read one of your books!

  6. What a cliff hanger. Can't wait to read it and find out what happens :-) Love the cover too. Congrats and I wish you every sucess xx

  7. Samantha Wood Veerasamy
    comment comment comment :-) brilliant clip of your book! you tease! x

    as Sam can't comment i've coped and pasted it for her

  8. and Zoe...
    Zoe Learoyd Loving the front cover hun, if it was on a book shelf I would certainly be picking it up ;-)
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  10. THE LUCKY WINNER IS ... drum role ZOE. congratulations. please let me know which format you'd like
    Thank you everyone who commented