Thursday, 12 January 2012

AHHHH today is ALEX day

(sorry Kitty, I'm borrowing him again, and NO, no gymslip thank you. Serge plays havoc with sensitive skin.)
 Now anyone who knows me, or reads my Fb/blog will know I <3 Sven from Doris O'Connor's Scandinavian Scandal (Noble romance) big time. he is MINE.
 But, I have to admit after interviewing Alex Giovanni the other day, He runs a VERY close second. Maybe it's his story To Hot To Handle which came out today (Oh Yes I have my copy all ready to be read as a reward for finishing my edits–if I can wait that long) from Evenight publishing. Hot by title, Hot by nature, and er all over just HOT
 So today is officially ALEX GIOVANNI day, and as the founder member of the Alex (and Sven) appreciation society, can I do a great big HIGH FIVE, and thank Doris for letting me er I mean us have oops no SHARE them.
 Off to  drool and think and sigh and wonder and er well.......

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  1. LOL Raven, I like the idea of Alex day! :-D