Tuesday, 31 January 2017

#TantalizingTuesdays: Remember the Rules

Yes, okay don’t faint, I’m here.
It’s been a while I admit, but here’s my #TantalizingTuesdays offering.

Remember the Rules

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They always told her…be careful where you tread. Take your time, think of where you are, remember the rules.
Remember the rules
Damn she hated rules.
The water called to her, beckoned her closer.
A siren song.
The path was marked by those footsteps in the earth. The ones that made her wonder what if.
Her steps faltered, she stood—almost on the bridge—almost ready to take those that final act.
Steps to where?
Her future? Her past?
“Your present.” His voice curled around her, whispered to her.
“You know why.” The mist created dancing patterns in the air, slid over the water and waited.
Like he did?
 Oh that voice.
“Freya you know what to do.”
She hesitated.
The water danced.
The mist shimmered.
 He laughed. “Or not. Up to you my love, up to you. I’m stuck. I can’t help you.”
The air shimmered and then she saw.
The hand...his hand.
 It beckoned, begging, pleading. “Your choice, love. I can’t make you."
My choice.
“My choice,” she said firmly. "Mine.”
He laughed. Low and enticing. Long and arousing.
Freya stepped forward.
Into the void.
Into his arms.
No triumph.
Just relief.

Into his world.

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  1. Love the mystical feel of this one, Raven :-)

  2. Fantastic Raven! Absolutely loved this!

  3. A very poetic piece. I love it.

  4. Excellent tease which I'd love to