Wednesday, 18 January 2017

#MidWeekTease Where I get into reflective mood

...and decide to share some thoughts on towels...

It's a short and sweet excerpt today from The Furnace Man my WIP

Where Lindsey and Michael have gone to Dark Isle, and wonder what's going to happen next...

(unedited word vomit)

The bathroom door opened and his heart missed a beat as Lindsey wandered into the bedroom, covered from just above her breast to mid thigh in a large towel. As she walked it opened, showed a tantalizing hint of the top of her legs, but sadly not quite enough to show what was hidden above there. She held another towel in her hands and rubbed it over her hair in an absent manner as she moved further into the room.
“Nice view care to drop the towel?” He drawled the words, careful not to sound too dominant. Hopefully that would come later. Once they had sorted everything out.
She gaped and lifted her head. Then with what could only be called a mischievous smile swung the towel in her hands in a circle about her head, and threw it insouciantly onto the bed. The towel around her torso stayed firmly in place.
 “There,” she purred the word, and his cock threatened to split the zipper on his jeans So bloody come hither and teasing. “Hows that?”

This is book six of the Dark Isle, by Kera Faire my dark side. All the books out, are available from Evernight Publishing.

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