Sunday 1 January 2017

#SexySnippets at last... With The Furnace Man...And Lindsey in a snit.

When I finally got onto my lap top...major panic as blogger wasn't letting me in. ARGH
So sorry but hopefully better late than never...

Today it's the start of something I knew was wrong. And then got a lightbulb moment how to hopefully fix it.

The Furnace Man. Unedited.

When Lyndsey is asked by her boss, the mysterious Darke, to take the night receptionist’s job at a glass factory she wonders what is going on.

She soon finds out.

There’s a standing joke around the factory. Don’t piss off the furnace man. He can mix you with the sand and burn you. There won’t be anything left to discover.

She hopes to hell hers isn't the next body to disappear.

So does Michael. But how can he help when Lindsey trusts him about as far as she can throw him?


She looked ready to murder someone—or cut their balls off—and he was right in the firing line. Petite and slim but with curves in all the right places, her blond hair was all over the place as she poked him in the chest with one non bitten red tipped nail. Fuck me red varnish and perfectly manicured. Bloody hell. His cock hardened to a painful rod and his balls stiffened with anticipation.
 Poor sods, he thought. There wasn’t a cat in hells chance any of that part of his body was going to get the relief it wanted; unless his own hands got busy, and the likelihood at that at that moment in time was a big fat not a scooby.

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Happy reading,

love Raven/Kera


  1. Whoa! She is definitely pissed off! Poor guy! I feel for him and his.... ahem... predicament. LOL Great snippet!

  2. Fab snippet. Her anger pours off the page here.

  3. Love the description. I can really picture the scene. Well done. Happy New Year, Raven.

  4. Hahaha. I almost pity him. Almost.

  5. The only thing he can do here is duck and cover. Great snippet, Raven!

  6. Uh-oh! Somebody's in trouble!