Sunday, 15 January 2017

#SexySnippets and a hint of what Lindsey has to put up with...

#SexySnippets is here again

Got to love those 7 sentences from a WIP or book...

Taken from my WIP Lindsey's Story

rough blurb (very rough)

There’s a standing joke around the glass works. Don’t piss off the furnace man. He can mix you with in with the composite and burn you. There won’t be anything left to discover.

When Lyndsey is asked by her boss, the mysterious Darke, to take the night receptionist’s job at a glass factory she wonders what is going on.

How can she  discover what she needs to know?

With help from Michael. It’s just a pity he’d her ex husband and ex Sir. But needs must and she’s not going to succumb again, is she?

Or is She?

and your seven sentences...

“Yeah, and if anyone has had their grubby paws on my underwear I’m indenting the department—for La Perla, at least.”
Michael shoved the tea cozy over the pot and laughed. “Don’t blame you; I’ll sign the chit. Right come on, you look ready for bed.”
 I would be if you were in it with me. Thank god she hadn’t said that out loud. Lindsey nodded. “It’s been an eventful night and when I signed up I was told it would be humdrum and repetitive. If being drugged and knocked out is the repetition bit, they can shove their job where the sun doesn’t shine.”

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