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#MidWeekTease...When you're used to being the strong alpha male, giving up control to your wife is not something you'd ever consider doing—is it?

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I love this and have to thank you all for reading and commenting and Angelica for sorting it out so we can do it.

A few days ago, I was reminded about one of my earlier books, The Dommes of Ballingal: Kristin, and so I thought I'd tease you from there this week.

I hope it works...


Kristin McCrory would never in a million years have thought her ex-husband would show up on Ballingal and profess his need to sub for her. Flynn is the ultimate stubborn Alpha male, and his refusal to even discuss her need to be in charge had already cost them their marriage. That, and his apparent need to seek out the most dangerous place to report on in his work as a television documentary reporter.
However, the Flynn she knew is not the Flynn who stands before her now. This Flynn is a broken man and she can’t just turn him away. As an Empath and mind reader, Kristin can sense his emotional and physical pain. It means Kristin feels even more drawn to the man she loves, and their connection is as strong as ever.

Love is worth fighting for after all, and Flynn finds new strength in his submission.

And your tease

Kristin forced herself not to look, not to listen and not to pry. It wasn’t easy. She was so receptive to his thoughts, it was scary.
“Sub to Domme?”
“And man to woman. But yeah, sub to Domme.”
Flynn seemed to take his time, as he formulated his answer. She knew she should feel pleased that he hadn’t rushed into speech, but considered carefully what he wanted to say. However, as so much hinged on what he said, Kristin was impatient.
Eventually, he nodded. “Hit me with it.”
Perhaps not the best phraseology he could have used, but Kristin didn’t mention that.
“I do not share my sub. Ever. Okay, yes I admit I was being arsy, testing you. I’m not sure who won on that.” She nibbled her toast. “I was wrong.”
He put his mug down on the table with a thump. “Well, I jumped to conclusions. Hell, you couldn’t have undergone such a personality change as that.”
That affirmation went a long way to helping her feel easier in her mind. “Thank you. No I couldn’t, nor could I have changed and not be a Domme. But, so far, has what we’ve done reassured you how things could be? I might demand you kneel.”
He winced.
“Or judging by that reaction, or not.”
“Preferably or not. They’re a bit buggered.”
“I’ll remember. So, where was I?” Kristin thought back over the last few minutes. “Ah yes, Protocol and such. Right, I've decided I don’t want a twenty-four-seven, Domme/sub relationship. I’d want us to define what we want and how. Note the word ‘us’. But when we do scene, I am in charge. I am your Domme and you do as I say or code word out. We do follow the traffic light system, and we do talk. I would expect a certain amount of deference when we’re with other Dommes, scening or not. And before you ask, no I don’t do public play. Well,” she couldn’t help herself. “Not yet.”
He realized she was teasing and grinned. “Like not ever. This,” he looked down at his hard cock, its head glistening with pre-cum. This is public enough for me.”
“Just as well, balach. I like you like that, and I’m happy to keep you all for me.” She had a thought and giggled. “And it will send Leo crazy. She likes to know—and see—everything.”
 “Well she’s not seeing my everything.”
“Nope.” Kristin finished her toast and took her apron off. “But I am. Color.” She snapped the word out, and tugged his hair. Well if he must have overlong hair, it was fair game to pull it.
Flynn’s mouth opened and no words came out. She waited and wondered if she’d gone too far. He swallowed several times and cleared his throat.
“Then, balach, we need to sort out protocol. I won’t ask you to kneel again. I want a sub who doesn’t wince when he moves. However, when I call you, my balach, I expect you to greet me in a proper manner.” She stood up and pulled him to his feet. He moved with alacrity and waited in front of her, staring at her face. His eyes were the clearest she’d seen them. Bright and pain free. Apart from when they were cloudy with arousal, that was what she wanted to see. “In fact, I wouldn’t be averse to always being greeted like this.” She nudged his legs apart until there was around a twelve inches between his feet, put his hands behind his back, and tilted his head so he looked at the floor. “No shirt, bare feet, and unless we’ve pre-agreed, you will wear trousers or jeans. As much as I’d love you to be bare-ass naked all the time we’re together, I’m not that cruel. One day maybe.”
“One day.”
“Then, once I’ve greeted you, if you say, welcome, My Lady, we’re in a scene. Do you agree?” She hardened her voice then, waiting, not very patiently for his reply.
“Yes and welcome, My Lady.” He winked.
Kristin burst out laughing. “Bratty sub.”
“You better believe it, My Lady.”
She did. “No playing yet, Flynn. We need to sort out logistics. How long can you stay this time?”
“Ah, well, there’s the thing.” Flynn scratched his chin. “As long as you’ll have me. I’ve taken leave of absence and when I go back—if I go back—it’s as a consultant. I’m out of the field now. That last time,” he stroked his scar, “was too close for comfort.”
“Go and get comfy out on the patio. No one can see you. I’m going to help you with that scar.”
Flynn nodded. “Can I call you My Lady now?”
“Oh, Flynn, I’d be honored, but you don’t have to.” All the love she’d blocked from her mind came flooding back in. “You can call me it whenever you want.”
“I know I don’t have to, My Lady. I want to.” He stretched his arms high above his head and his cock waved to her, as it jutted proudly out of its nest of dark, wiry hair. “The patio you said? Out there?”
Kristin kissed him, and wasn’t surprised when she felt his hands clasp her waist and tug her so they were skin to skin. She took hold of his face in her hands. “Out there, love. You’ll see the bench I mean. Perfectly private. Well unless you’re in a chopper or a sea plane. Just ignore them. If they swoop low over you they’re only jealous.”
She tapped Flynn’s nose. “Gotcha. Seriously, unless someone is very determined it’s as private as it could be. Lie on your back, I won’t be a minute.”

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