Sunday 8 May 2016

#SexySnipppets when I wave good bye to Diomhair.. And Finn insists she's no sub...

Morning all, well the postie brought me a lovely surprise because I didn't expect it yet. 

My paperback copes of Diomhair vol 3.

And it looks so good with vol 1 and 2 that's the pic I'm putting up. 

that's all six books in the series out in paperback now :)

 *insert high five and cheesy grin here*

So I thought I'd better take my #SexySnippets from Book 6 Secrets Dispelled

 ..."this robe swamps me and I must look stupid, like a five- year-old dressed up in her dad’s clothes.”
“It’s a turn-on, not the five-year-old bit but the overlarge robe with the hint of what’s under it; one big tease and turn-on.” Coll stroked the bulge under his jeans in one long strike and watched, amused as she blushed again, raised her eyebrows and let her breath out in a long sigh.
“Yeah, right.”
“Yes, pet, right.”
“Oh, don’t start with the pet stuff again, please because I’m not a sub, not 
your sub and let’s face it, never likely to be.” She fiddled with the belt of the robe and avoided looking at him. “I’m not sub material.” 

"Would you like to be?"

(oops 8 sentences sorry...)

You can buy all the ebooks and paperbacks in this series from Totally bound Amazon, Kobo and Are.

and you can catch all the other #SexySnippets


happy reading,

love R x

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  1. Love this series, and that is a leadig question, if ever I heard one, lol.