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#mondayguest Fiona Miers brings us Lady Charlotte's Marquess

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Please welcome Fiona Miers and Lady Charlotte's Marquess

Lady Charlotte’s Marquess
By Fiona Miers
Book 2 in ‘The heir and a spare’ series
Lady Charlotte is a Duke’s daughter to her very bones. She has everything her heart desires, except for the love that she secretly craves. A child of an ugly, planned marriage, she dreads the union that her parents have and swears never to marry for anything less that perfect love.
But that seems unlikely when she lives in a world of rogues, and callous gentleman. No-one is good enough for her and she will not give herself to anyone who is unworthy. Even if her brother’s friend Archie is mysterious and handsome, drawing her attention like no other.
Archibald Turner’s life took a swift turn at the tender age of eighteen when he learnt a horrific fate had settled on his brother, and Archie himself would inherit his father’s title. One of the famed ‘Spares’- he did not want the responsibility of his father’s mantle. However, duty called and he turned himself into the most perfect version that he possibly could, dreading the day fate will deliver the ugly blow.
The one thing he can’t control is his love for the strong, audacious Lady Charlotte. She makes him yearn for a future that isn’t his for the taking; and yet, when she starts to show him favour, the impossible starts to become possible and the dreams the Archie has suppressed for so long, swim into his life in bold, vivid color. 

They were barely kissing yet they breathed the same air, slowly they resurfaced.
“What happened?”
“We gave each other pleasure.” He explained, his eyes closed, his head still spinning like a top. “Women have pleasure the same as men do, I believe. It’s just that not everyone knows to try to achieve it.”
Archie forced his eyes open and took in the beautiful view of her face still flushed from her orgasm. He carefully withdrew his hand from between her thighs and gently pulled the skirts down to cover her legs. She had beautiful legs. Maybe next time she’d let him kiss her in all the places he had just touched with his fingers. Archie shook his head to dislodge the arousing image, where had that thought come from? Next time? There couldn’t be a next time for them. If he couldn’t marry her, not that she would have him he reminded himself, then he had to stop these encounters. If she was compromised, he would have to offer to marry her and then she would hate him for deceiving her. That would be like hell on Earth for him, having Charlotte be his wife and yet live with her despising him. He was literally between a rock and a hard place. He couldn’t imagine either scenario working.
“We should go back to the ballroom.” Archie gently pushed Charlotte from his lap and stood up next to her. The wetness in his breeches was cold and he cringed at the discomfort. He must go home to change instantly. He could not stay in soiled linen, what would his valet think? Archie shuddered to think. He pulled his jacket together and did up the buttons to cover the darkened material.
Charlotte sighed heavily. “I can’t believe you did that to me with no practice.”
Archie struggled to keep the smug grin inside himself as he took her hand and placed it on his elbow.
“Well you had no practice and had no problem with me,” he told her as calmly as possible. Inside he was doing a little jig but he didn’t want her to know that. He had to tell her that this would be the last time they could play with each other and he was suddenly worried how she would take it.
Charlotte laughed musically.
“Perhaps we could meet again next week at Lady Dotherington’s ball?” She suggested, squeezing his forearm firmly.
Archie ached to say that he would love nothing more than to repeat tonight’s experience, but he knew that getting any more involved with Charlotte would be a problem.
“Perhaps not Charlotte.” He told her gently patting her hand reassuringly.
“Why ever not?”
Archie looked down into Charlotte’s bright blue eyes and knew he was going to have to be harsher than he wished.
“Because we can’t be caught, and if we continue to meet like this then eventually we will be.”
Charlotte sighed as they stepped through the door and moved over to a mirror in the sitting room. She surveyed herself critically in the dim light. Her immaculate hair was slightly mussed but not completely undone and her gown was slightly rumpled but not too much of a problem. Her face however could not be shinier or more alive.
“Archie, I am not interested in trying to trap you into marriage. I know that you are probably the only man in London who fits my criteria,” Charlotte began, holding up her hand to stall Archie when he opened his mouth to speak,
“However I also want someone who wants to marry me, and you don’t?”
Archie swallowed uncomfortably, unable to lie after his senses had been totally obliterated, he just nodded. God strike him down, he was a fool.
About the Author:
Fiona Miers has a super busy life, like most modern women, but always finds time for reading and writing romance. Her love affair with the romance genre started when she was only 11 years old, when her mother, and nana, handed her, her first mills and boon.
Since then she's built her own business, become a mother to two beautiful little girls, and fallen in love with the most spectacular man on the planet. (JMHO)
Fiona writes MF contemporary and historical romance, writing more erotic stories under the pen name Tamsin Baker.
Thank you for reading this, and hopefully you'll love reading about her characters as much as she loved creating them.

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