Wednesday, 18 May 2016

#MidWeekTease on a boat in a loch....with a hard on...

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I just heard that Kera Faire, my darker side has her first book with Evernight Publishing out next week.

No cover as yet... but this should give you an idea...

The Dispatcher 

Eilean Bàs (Death Isle) book one

(Source for both pictures, Pinterest)


Her life or his?
When Astrid Mickelson found out the man she loved was The Dispatcher—a government operative, who kills for a living without remorse—she left to stop herself from accidentally betraying him. However, Orlando Darke, the only man she’s ever wanted, is impossible to forget, and it seems once more back in her life.
For his part, the Dispatcher had never forgotten the love of his life. When he is sent to bring her in for being a traitor, he does what he does best… dispatching her to safety, to enable him to find the real culprit.
As the threat thickens, so does the sexual tension between them. Can there be a happy outcome or will they be parted again, this time for good?
With The Dispatcher’s boss hot on their trail, things are not looking good.

And your tease

Bloody hell. His eyes must have crossed as he saw stars. Astrid edged her fingers under the zipper of his jeans and slid it down carefully, keeping her fingers between the soft skin of his dick and the sharp teeth of the closure.
“Ohh silk and steel. Soft skin, hard center. Just what I like.” Her voice was husky as she eased the material over his cock and down his legs.
“Glad to know, babe. I’m in your hands.”
Astrid giggled. “So you are but not for long.”
What? His sense of disappointment surprised him. “Ah well…”
“Stop it, Sir,” she chided him gently. “It’s my turn to help you. You just make sure we don’t go round in circles or I’ll get giddy.”
“Yes, Sir.”
Her hands fell away from his rock hard cock. Before he had time to remonstrate or give orders—along the lines of ‘get those bloody hands wrapped round my dick or else’—her lips enclosed him and drew him deep into her mouth and throat. Oh, bollocks, fucking yes. God, it was perfect. She’d been such a perfect cock sucker, deep throating him and swallowing all the cum he allowed her to.
“Babe, oh my, babe.” Light danced in front of his eyes as he tried without a lot of success to concentrate on keeping the boat going in the direction it needed to go. “That’s it. Eat me, babe, harder, ahhh.” Her teeth grazed the long length of his dick, and she nibbled around the head. “Fuck it. Make me come now.” She needed no second order.
 Almost before he’d finished speaking he could feel his climax rolling through him. His cock tightened painfully as she sucked hard.
“Argh, more yessss.” He spilled his load deep inside her throat and clutched the steering wheel hard. It was that or fall over. The boat began to move off course and even in his post-coming haze, Darke had just enough sense to correct it. Bloody hell.
Astrid looked up at him even as she licked his cock clean. “Better?” she asked him softly.
He cleared his throat. The parcel rolled toward him and he shoved it back again. If the fucker was awake, he hoped listening to him, Darke, getting off, would make the junkless bastard uncomfortable. He’d never be able to fuck, screw or make love again. If he wasn’t, well, he still needed to be under the seat and out of the way.
Time to deal with him later. Much later.
“You know the only thing that would make that climax even better?” he said softly, in a voice that showed his dark intent.
Astrid sat back on her knees and put her hands on her thighs. She dipped her head for a few seconds and then looked up at him. The moon chose that moment to side behind a tiny cloud and all he could see was her shadowy outline. “What?”
“That you strip off and touch yourself. Come for me.”
That was bloody cruel. It was only a few degrees above freezing. But hell, her nipples would be hard and he loved, damn well loved seeing her fuck herself.

“Er, with due respect, Sir, we’re in the middle of the loch with a half dead body. Your kecks are around your ankles, its bloody freezing and to be honest I’m amazed your cum didn’t freeze.”

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  1. haha, love that ending. You really nail one of the sensual aspects of men that I adore and keep trying to capture, how their skin can be impossibly soft at the same time their shaft is incredibly hard. It's such a beautiful contradiction.

  2. Great snippet, Raven, and those photos are beautiful!

  3. I love her response. He needs to think with his larger head here. Great tease, Raven. :)

  4. Hot tease, and that last line... LOL. Love it :-)

  5. LOL. Love the humour. Great teaser.