Tuesday, 31 May 2016

#TT the eyes

Would it be kinder just to walk away. Let her go.
Forget everything they had.
He knew he wouldn’t. Not now, not yet.
Instead he lurked. Ready. Waiting.
It was time to declare his love.
Tal began to move.

(source Pinterest)

 Kim had the itch.
 The one that meant something was about to happen.
She pushed her glasses up her nose. For the umpteenth time wondered where her lenses were. She was damned sure she’d left them in their box by the bathroom sink.
They weren’t there when she got up.
Now sixteen hours later, she was tired, irritable and sick of squinting.
The specs were well out of date.
‘You look so cute, petal when you wrinkle your nose like that.”
 That voice. That bloody infuriating voice.
Kim spun round so fast her glasses lost contact with her nose and slid of her face.
 He caught them, one handed and bowed.
“You need to get these fixed.”
 “Or find my lenses which seem to have mysteriously disappeared.”
 “I like you naked apart from your specs.”
 “And I like you naked with…”  Kim stared at his deep piercing green eyes
“Tal you bastard you’ve got my lenses in.”

“Oops. Busted.”


  1. Nice twist Raven!! I loved that! Now, when's the rest coming?

  2. Thanks Kim. And as soon as I have time to write it

  3. Wicked tease and I love the humour to end it

  4. Heh heh, love it!

  5. Lovely twist! And yes, this would make a great story.