Sunday, 10 April 2016

#SexySnippets... #StepBackinTime as Brody hides from husband seeking debs

As this weekend is Carina's #StepBackinTime weekend, and indeed I'm on their blog on Sunday, around 11am uk time, what better book to take my #SexySnippets from than...

Rules are meant to broken…
The mysterious Lady Mary McCoy is tired of playing by the rules of the ton. As a wealthy widow she fully plans on living her life to the full – free from the constraints of marriage.
And if she has to keep her high society status a secret in order to indulge in the more pleasurable pastimes of life, then so be it! Just as long as it’s on her terms…

Until notorious rake, Brody Weston, Duke of Welland, returns to his ancestral home – intent on her seduction! Slowly, luxuriously, he begins to unravel her secrets, one tantalising kiss at a time. And suddenly Lady Mary realises that breaking her own rules with the Duke is the most dangerous thing she’s ever done!

and your #SexySnippets

 ...Brody ruminated his cock was in danger of forgetting what its mission in life really was, and was in trouble of seizing up through disuse. It had been a lowering realisation that to enjoy delights of the flesh, one needed to be where the ladies were and sadly where those willing to play could be found, so also could their children or worse, their spouses.

Plus, those debs desperate for a husband, with all the ruthlessness needed to ensnare an eligible man by fair means or foul, appeared from nowhere. Usually it seemed… foul as when, at a soiree his mother had cajoled him to attend, he had to threaten one lady when she’d followed him into the antechamber of the gentlemen’s smoking room. 

Unbeknown on his side and with full, snare-intentions on hers. Brody been treated to an eyeful of bosom and a threat to say it was him who coerced her into the room. He had departed via the window, but not before he told her in no uncertain terms who would come off the worse if she tried any such thing. Indisputably, it wouldn’t be him, he’d make sure of that.

(slightly doctored to get the whole scene in... sorry, hope you can still breathe...)

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  1. Lol, poor Brody. Gotta watch out for those husband hunting ladies ;-)

  2. LOLing at cock forgetting its mission in life.