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#MidWeekTease Where Finn wonders just what is a Dom

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To be honest I swithered tthis week. I had one book out 5th and the next is out 7th, so who to chose? I hate taking sides.

But I decide to go with Finn and Coll...

 Secrets Dispelled, book #6 and the final book in the Diomhair series. (cue sniffles)

Why was she certain she was naked and why couldn’t she move her hands and legs?
Surely not just because her head ached and her brain was scrambled? Finn wriggled a bit, felt the mattress—she was sure she was in a bed—move with her, and very carefully assimilated all she knew.
Tied up? Certainly. Why? No idea.
How? There was a weird set of ropes and pulleys above her and she saw, as she gingerly moved her head to one side, ornate head and footboards with what looked like rings and ropes and—oh fucking shit, what the hell have I got myself into—chains attached to them.
Finn concentrated hard, lifted her ankles a full two inches and heard what she thought could be a chain rattle. The same result occurred when she moved her wrist. She tugged and swore.
I’m cursing more today than I have in a year. What the fuck is going on? Who’s got me trussed up like a turkey for the oven? She pulled harder. All that did was add extra soreness to her already pain-laden body.
“You’ll hurt yourself if you carry on like that and I really will want to wash your mouth out with soap.” The voice came from over her shoulder.
A man entered her vision and she swallowed twice, very hard.
Drop-dead gorgeous was an understatement.
Tall, without an ounce of fat on him but not muscle bound, thank the Lord, he had no

man boobs. His dark hair was short with a sexy hint of gray running through it and a mouth- hollowing, ‘come to me and tidy it’ curl which fell over his forehead. His eyes were a mesmeric blue, which reminded her of a Mediterranean sea at midnight. Finn bit back a giggle as she swallowed nervously. She sounded like the rantings of a lovesick lunatic. Even dressed as he was in low-slung—unbuttoned—jeans, he exuded power. The sort of guy, Finn decided, who would have women rolling over and begging for whatever crumbs he threw their way. The sort who needed a badge on that said ‘dangerous animal do not upset’.
Dark hair sprinkled over his chest, outlining his nipples, and arrowed down under that unsnapped waistband. She tried without much success not to imagine what was hidden under the denim. She was in enough trouble as it was without clit-clenching, damp pussy dreams.
If it would have been possible, Finn knew fine well she would have trembled, closed her eyes and inched backwards. She couldn’t, so she swallowed several times more and tried to clear her throat without much success.
Lord, what had she got herself into?
“Pardon?” Was that scratchy voice really hers? She guessed any other person in this predicament would sound less prickly. Sadly, not her. She’d never been able to do conciliatory very well. “What the hell is this all about?” What else could she, should she, say? ‘Let me loose, you fucker’ might not be very sensible.
“Cussing is not becoming or acceptable, pet.”
Pet? All her thoughts and the hints and innuendos she’d heard came rushing back in spades.
“I’m not a pet. Why am I fastened? Have you kidnapped me or something? Wasn’t knocking me unconscious enough?” Her words tumbled over one another and she heard her voice rise and felt her breathing speed up. “Where am I? Who do... Ooft.” He’d stopped her tirade of questions by putting his palm of one hand over her mouth, and stroked her cheek with the other hand.
Her heart missed a beat. Why did such a soft touch across her bruise make her feel loved and cherished? Why did he stare at her so intently? Finn forgot his hand was over her lips, opened her mouth to speak and sucked in soft skin.
She wasn’t sure who was the most shocked. Her nipples tightened as his eyes darkened almost to the color of midnight.
Finn dropped her gaze.
Her captor laughed softly.
“Well, well. If you’re not my pet, what are you? Puss? Kitten? Baby?”
“Captive, and why?” If only her squeak and croak hadn’t changed to little girl breathy,

she’d be a lot happier.
He shook his head and laughed out loud before he moved his hands and shrugged into 
a dark gray sweatshirt with ‘Geographers map every contour’ written over the outline of a body on the front.
“Look, pet. Contrary to what you might think, I’m a Dom, not a dickhead, despoiler or defiler. Any sub I have is consenting and satisfied. And not concussed. I fastened you for your safely whilst I went for water and a cloth. You were in my sight every second, but I had very vivid pictures in my mind.”
“Yeah, I get it. Pervert.” She didn’t really think that, but there was no way she was going to tell him how wet the idea of what his thoughts might have been were making her.
“Not at all, you were concussed not that long ago. Out for the count. I don’t have hospital sides to bring up. Just shackles and cuffs.”
He grinned and Finn was damned sure now she’d stained the bed with her arousal. Lordy, she hoped he didn’t find the evidence until she was long gone. How embarrassing. Oh, your voice and words alone almost made me come. Yeah, that’d be right. She’d die of shame on the spot.
“This was the best I could do. So before you blame me for your woes, why not tell me, who you are and what you were doing?”
Finn considered him. “Untie me.”
“Why, pet? You look so good there, like that.” The tone was teasing, the look in his eyes wasn’t.
“Kidnap maybe?” It was almost impossible to regulate her breathing and she could tell that he, knew it. Dammit.
“Oh dear. There I was all concerned for your safety, pet, and you throw that at me.” He leaned forward and within a few seconds her wrists and ankles were free and the chains that had shackled her swung gently in their mountings. “All free. Now what?”
“Are you really a Dom?” Shoot, where did that come from?
Those dark blue eyes twinkled. “Oh yes,” he said gravely. “A fully paid-up, card-carrying member, pet. Why?” 

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