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#MidWeekTease get ready for Le sigh and Logan... Release day hotness with The Gentle Dom

woot it's Happy Release day to my lovely bestie Doris O'Connor... oh and to me. So we've swapped blogs and that means I get to introduce you to Logan...

Be warned he is h o t . . .

Over to you Doris :)

Happy Middle of the week to you, folks, and HAPPY RELEASE DAY, Raven J

As you can see, Raven and I have switched blogs for the Mid Week Tease. Do make sure, you check out her tease from her brand new release, A Domme Called Pet, on my blog.

So, without further ado, here is your tease from my new release, Auctioned to The Gentle Dom. Logan has just won Lindsey, and marched her to a private playroom….


 “Is something amusing you, girl?”
Oh, lordy, he sounds furious.
Sure enough, when she risked a quick peek up at him from under her fake eyelashes, Logan’s face was set in a stern mask. Jaw clenched, his blue eyes shot daggers of disapproval at her, and when he jerked his head into the direction of the interior of the playroom, Lindsey hastily scooted past him.
Not waiting for any further instructions, she sunk to her knees in the middle of the room, and willed her breathing to slow down. A useless exercise, because the minute the heavy door whooshed shut, his polished shoes appeared in her vision, and the deep rumble of his voice washed over her.
“I asked you a question, girl. I expect an answer, or so help me, I’ll give into my original urge to put you over my knee and paddle that behind of yours, until you tell me what the hell you think you are playing at.”
Too startled by this unusual stern persona of his, Lindsey could do nothing but stare up at him. Right now, he reminded her more of Pedro or Slade then the Logan she remembered visiting her parent’s house. Then again, that had been over ten years ago. A lot had changed since then, not least the fact that he was now a free man.
Her eyes filled with unwanted tears at the cruel twist of fate that had taken away his Elena, one of Lindsey’s mother’s dearest friends, they had all felt her loss keenly, especially Lindsey. As she’d been away at boarding school when Elena had first fallen ill, she hadn’t seen her again, due to Logan’s decision to seek the best treatment for his wife in the US. They’d stayed in touch via e-mail until the other woman had become too frail to even do that. Lindsey wasn’t sure how much of their communication Logan had been privy to, and now was certainly not the time to ask such a question.
The fact that Logan had stayed away from the family home, despite repeated invites from both her parents, had to mean something. Perhaps it was simply too painful for him to return to a place that must hold so many memories of happier times for him.
“I’m sorry, Sir.” The words were out before she could stop them and Logan’s eyebrows drew together in a frown.
“For what? Elucidate. I’m not a mind-reader.”
He ran a hand through his dark hair, and not for the first time she noticed how many streaks of grey were now running through it. Of course, on Logan they just added to his sex appeal, and there she went again with the inappropriate thoughts about a man old enough to be her father. That, right there, should have been a huge turn-off, but Logan’s experience just added to the attraction she’d always felt, one that intensified the longer he stared down at her, the more she allowed herself to slip into her submissive headspace. She would so miss all this.
One word, guaranteed to shake her up beyond all others, especially delivered in that deep, compelling drawl of his, and she scrambled to her feet and shook her head.
“No, please, not her. I’m not her, not here, not ever.”
“Yes, you are, and I want the truth, right now.”
He freed her hands from her chains, and threw them on the floor.
For the second time this evening, Lindsey’s world shifted on its axis and she stared up at him, lost for words.
Even with her standing up, he towered over her, and Lindsey felt incredibly small right now. Not a feeling she normally associated with the brash personality she chose to portray in the club. No, this right here was more like she felt at home, where her opinion didn’t matter and she was just a pawn in her father’s power games.
Not trusting her voice to work, Lindsey shook her head at him, and if that was possible, Logan’s expression grew even more foreboding.
“No is not your safe word, girl, and let me tell you now. Safewording is not an option here, not until we get the truth, and if you refuse my request, then I’ll be marching you up to Slade and Scarlett right now to tell them who exactly they have been harboring under their roof all this time.”
A strangled groan escaped Lindsey at those words and a grim smile kicked up one corner of Logan’s full lips as she fumbled with the ties that held her corset together. This should be all her dreams come true, but it felt all wrong. A huff of relief escaped her when his large hand closed over her trembling digits.
“I don’t mean your clothes,” he said.
Lindsey’s confusion must have shown in her face, because he lifted the blonde strands of hair off her cleavage, and flicked them over her shoulder.
“I mean this….whatever this is. I want it off, all of it.”
Stepping away, he picked up a pack of wet wipes off the top of the spanking bench and handed it to her.
“Use those to get that muck of your face and start with what I hope like fuck is a wig, and you haven’t dyed your beautiful hair.”
Her befuddled mind latched onto the beautiful comment. He wouldn’t think her beautiful without all the make-up, that’s for sure. No one ever did.
She must have stood there too long simply gaping up at him, because Logan sighed, crossed his arms over his chest and raised one perfectly shaped eyebrow at her, which had her scrambling for the fastenings off the wig.
That was the lesser of the two evils, after all. Dropping her gaze to the way his biceps bunched under the material of his shirt, she eventually managed to get the wig off her head. She let it drop to the floor, and struggled with the knots in her hair.
“Here, let me.” Her heart skipped a beat when he stepped closer, so close that his body heat warmed her skin, and she wanted nothing more than to sink into his embrace, to let him take care of her, but that could never be. “It’s all tangled. There, that should do it.”
Closing her eyes, Lindsey gave herself over to the gentle tugging movements of his hand in her hair, as he undid the worst of the knots. His even breaths ghosted across her face as he bent his head closer to the task at hand, and every exhalation brought with it more of his scent. Earthy, primal, masculine, it made her want to beg him to take her, to never let her go, but that was just her stupid fantasies talking. Logan had never paid her teenage self more than polite interest, and even here at the club, he had never pushed her for more, just watched her, the slight crease between his eyes more pronounced as though he was puzzling over something. Seemed he’d known all along who she really was, had just been biding his time.
A whimper escaped her as he let his talented fingers trail down to the base of her skull and used gentle pressure to tip her head up.
“You have no idea how glad I am to see you didn’t mess with your natural hair color.” The odd undertone to those murmured words meant she had to open her eyes, and she forgot to breathe under the heated intensity of his gaze. As brief and intense as that moment had been, it passed as he released her, cleared his throat, and when she blinked, the barrier of polite disinterest was back in place. She must have imagined that flare of male interest she’d seen in his eyes.
Again he handed her the packet of wet wipes, and she jumped when their fingers touched. Logan cleared his throat and took another step away, until he rested his butt on the edge of the spanking bench.
“Do I have to?” she asked and flinched when Logan crossed his arms over his chest.
“All of it. I want to see you without that muck on your face.”
His tone of voice brooked no argument, and giving into the inevitable, Lindsey complied. With every swipe of the wet wipes, another layer of her armor disintegrated until she stood before him, naked, alone, and ugly.
Hiding behind the silky curtain of her hair, she shied away when he reached out to her.
“Let me see, little bird.”
Hearing him call her by the name he’d fashioned for her all those years ago, coupled with his sharp intake of breath as he tucked her hair away to enable him to see, proved too much, and she burst into tears.

[Siren Classic: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, spanking, flogging, knife play, HEA] 
Logan Festher never attends the auctions at Club Spectrum, but what’s a Dom to do when the day is just too painful to spend on his own. Besides, he promised his late wife not to mope on her birthdays. What he didn’t expect was to find the young girl Elena had been so fond of on the auction stage.
He can’t let Lindsey go through with this. Her deception ends tonight, and he will get to the bottom of her odd behavior once and for all.
Lindsey Callan-Brennan has nowhere to hide when Logan wins her for the night. The man she has been secretively in love with for years might be a gentle Dom, but tonight he is all business. Without her disguise Lindsey feels exposed, vulnerable, and above all ugly.
She is damaged goods and Logan’s insistence on helping her can only end in heartache for them both. Anything else is the stuff of dreams, surely…

Available from Bookstrand:

I told you he was hot...

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