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#MidWeekTease... Meet the wife who isn't sure she's wed

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The Scottish Laird's Secret Wife will be published on July 25th, but Carina have put it up for preorder with a great title and a fantastic blurb...

Secrets never stay buried for long…
Reluctant heiress Lady Morven Weston is tired of her mother interfering in her love affairs. At twenty-six there’s only so many more society balls she can attend before resigning herself to life as an unmarried maid.
But when Lord Fraser Napier, the man Morven ran wild with one long, hot summer, returns to Scotland, his shocking revelations change everything. Fraser never annulled their whirlwind marriage all those years ago!

Preparing to take up his ancestral seat, Fraser’s not letting go of his secret bride that easily – he needs an heir. It’s only a matter of time before Morven surrenders to Fraser’s seductive touch and finds herself in his bed…

And your #MidWeekTease warning, unedited word vomit

‘My Lord, will you show me how we are one?’
‘Heart to heat?’ He bowed. “My honour and my pleasure.’ Slowly, reverently, he began to undo every tiny lace, ribbon and button on her blouse.
Morven sagged against him. Every little touch seared her, imprinted itself in her body and on and her heart. His breath on her skin added to the friction as he drew the silky material down her arms pinned them to her sides and nuzzled each nipple, nipped and sucked until they were proud and hard, whist she writhed beneath him and moaned in a helpless, arousing, ‘I want more way’. Morven couldn’t see clearly, as she smiled like a houri, enticing him, urging him on. ‘I need to touch you.’
He groaned steadily, ‘Not yet. This will be a long slow wooing. Not until we are both at the edge, shivering and quivering, mad for each other, aching with that need to give everything, take everything and shatter together.’
 ‘What?’ When her body was alight, her mound throbbed and her channel wet?  ‘Noo, I need you in me. I need to hold you.’ Morven’s breath hitched on a sob. Damn him she was on fire, high on desire and longing and all he could say was wait? ‘Now.’ She added for good measure. ‘Lord please now.’
 ‘Not yet.’ He paid attention to her neck, stroking it from nape to chin, and followed the caress by tiny butterfly kisses. How could she bear it?
 ‘Please not too long.’ She'd be a wreck within minutes she was sure. ‘Soon.’
 ‘Not soon. Very long,’ Fraser said.  ‘A promise. Another vow. An assault on our senses.’ He took a step back and swept her skirts to her waist, and kilted them there. ‘Oh my. red silk garters and gossamer thin stockings. More than a man can hope for.’
‘Wha…?’ What was good or bad about red silk? Somewhere she found the sense to file that titbit away. Fraser likes red silk.
 ‘I’m going to touch you, love you, lave and caress you all over. Learn every inch of you. Imprint you on my mind, so I could close my eyes and know you. To touch you here.’ He put his lips to the downy curls that covered her entrance and hid the tiny sensitive nub that ached for his touch. 'And savour.'
The light caress went from her mound to her nipples by that invisible thread that hell them together. Then back again until the pulse between her legs throbbed unbearably. She had to grip him or fall over but her hands were immobile.
Morven saw stars, dancing motes of light, and swore she heard music playing.
‘I have to… I need.’
‘I need as well. Hold tight.’
She swayed, and then whirled around as her feet left the floor and she moved, held fast in someone’s arms. Morven opened her eyes a crack to watch Fraser, his face alight with love, lower her onto the bed and drag her blouse and skirts off. She moved her hands to the ties of her garters and he batted them away.
‘I have the urge to make love to you with you wearing those. Then every time I remember or see red silk, I will dream of this moment.’
‘Ohhh, how perfect.’  If she hadn’t already been fathoms deep in love with him, that statement would have sent her tumbling into the depths. ‘Then come and enjoy making love with me…and my red silk.’ Before I shatter by listening to your words and nothing else.
‘What an offer.’ He laughed smokily, a noise full of promises, and stripped rapidly.
Morven’s mouth went dry as he stood in front of her, his staff proud and erect, his eyes dark and to her love and amazement, his hands trembling slightly.
‘I had so wanted to be slower, but you my love have made it beautifully impossible.’ Fraser climbed onto the bed, and put her hands high above her. ‘For all you hold dear don’t touch me or we won’t get any further before I spill.’ He sat at her feet and lifted her legs so her ankles settled on her shoulders. ‘Hold on to the thought that soon we will indulge in one night of ecstacy. For now, though we’ll indulge in a short, hard, perfect…’ He aligned his cock to her channel and pushed. ‘This.’
Morven whimpered with pleasure, arched into him, as he filled her, and began a steady thrust and release. Within seconds she matched him stroke for stork, tightened and relaxed her muscles as he groaned and began to shake.
 Now, love.’ He roared the words. ‘Fall for me now.’
Never had Morven felt happier to obey a man’s order.

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