Tuesday, 9 February 2016

#TT Time...for?

200 words, a picture of choice and this is mine 


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She traced the outline with one arthritic finger. Poor boy. How much had he missed?
‘Come and see.’ The voice echoed around her like the dust motes that danced in the sunlight.
Other voices took up the words, like an echo of temptation.
‘He wants you’.
‘He needs you.’
One voice louder than the rest…
‘I want you.’
“You do?”
‘Of course I do.’
She stood up very carefully, and thought about it.
Shapes behind him. People she recognised. Beckoning, nodding, pulling her…where?
“Why? Why me, why now? After all this time.”
The figure scowled. ’You know why. It’s time. Come and see us, be with us.’
‘Come and seeeee…’
‘Oh, come and see.’  The echoing chorus got louder.
Should she?
The sudden click of a door opening made her jump and turn around, guilty and relieved all in one.
“Oh.” She put her hand to her chest. “You startled me, Eric.”
He smiled, so like his namesake. “Why? Ah. My ancestor.”
She nodded. “I must stop eating cheese late at night, I swear he spoke to me and told me it was time. How silly. Time for what?”

Eric smiled sadly. “It is time. Time for this…”

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  1. Now that was some unnerving shit but I loved it. Great tease, Raven!

  2. Gah...time for what?????

  3. Time for what. Great tease just begging for more