Sunday, 7 February 2016


 #SexySnippets is here...

7 sentences of the author's choice, from a WIP or book.

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This week my 7 #SexySnippets sentences (try saying that in a hurry...)
come from Secrets Learned book 5 in my BDSM series, Diomhair
available from Totally Bound by clicking here

or from Amazon or All Romance eBooks

and your #SexySnippets...

 “I honestly don’t think I do pain—well, no, that’s not true.”
Thank the fuck for that.
“I should say, I know I don’t.”
His heart sank again—there’s no bloody chance then, is there? Her next question seemed to confirm it.
“Do you?”
Now how should he answer that without sending her away screaming about the crazies at Diomhair? 

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  1. Lol, send her away screaming... love that. I think she might surprise them both ;-)