Wednesday, 17 February 2016

#MidWeekTease... ohave you discovered Secrets Dispatched?

Which has been nominate for the Love Romance Cafe awards, best contemporary book of 2015. Which is such a great honour, I squee'd so loud hubby wondered what was wrong...

Anyway, I thought I'd give you the chance to have a wee peek at it. 
(My other nomination in the historical category, Compromised, is a free read on Amazon, Are Bookstrand, Nook and of course Evernight Publishing.)

and your #MidWeekTease

Here she was, however many thousands of feet in the air and wondering how the hell her visit would end. She put her headphones back on again and turned on one of the allegedly soothing music channels. Mind numbing and bland.
It could have been a minute or an hour before the seat belt sign flashed off again. Shane had no idea. She’d been so lost in her worst case scenario thoughts and about to scream ‘turn around, I’ve changed my mind’. What if the woman wouldn’t speak to her? What if she wanted to sue her brothers or something? Okay, they had actually helped the woman, but who knew how the whole sorry state of affairs had affected her.
I must stop thinking of her as just her. Jess. Jess Sutherland—the woman who her ex- boyfriend had abused after she, Shane, had escaped his clutches. The woman her brothers had found bound and blindfold and subsequently rescued, whilst arranging for the demise of the arsehole they’d both trusted. The woman who’d left Australia and got away from all the furor, whilst Shane had had to brazen it out.
That had been fun—not. Thank heavens for brothers.
She wondered what the woman was really like. She’d seen a very blurry photo on one of the popular social media sites and reckoned she looked sane and sensible and not one to be taken in by a dickhead. But then she’d thought that about herself as well, hadn’t she? Pete had taken both of them in. Made them think he was a sane and respected member of the community, albeit with a good dose of kink. Anyone with even the minimal knowledge of the BDSM community would have seen straight through him. Sadly, the only insight Shane
had was a few fumbling—and gentle—blindfold and bondage sessions, her own imagination and some hot and sexy books. She’d been a lamb to the slaughter.
The kink hadn’t bothered Shane. Truth be told, she rather enjoyed the sweet sting of pain that then morphed into pleasure. Her brothers had accidently introduced her to the lifestyle. She’d seen one of them with a girlfriend bound and blindfolded, his cock in her mouth, and her other brother arse deep in the woman and had had to give herself a large dose of self help afterwards. Later it had occurred to her to wonder why it hadn’t either repelled her or scared her to death. Even then she’d know that given the chance, it would be for her.
A few days later, she’d come across one of them wielding a crop on the arse of the same woman, and the other attaching nipple clamps to the woman’s pendulous breasts. Instead of being disgusted, she’d known straight away she was interested.
Shane squirmed in her seat. Stop it now. You’ve hours to go ‘til you get off the plane, and self help in the loo is not the thing to do. Or in the seat for that matter. However, try as she might, she couldn’t help reliving the past in her mind.
When she’d met Pete, Shane had thought she’d found her perfect Sir. Right until that last time when he’d changed into a sadistic, unpleasant and definitely un-Dom-like monster. He’d ignored safe words and all things consensual and had left Shane tied up and blindfold for hours while he jerked off to her pleas to be let free. Until then, she’d wanted to learn more.
For a while she’d closed off her true self, until she was able to believe he was no Dom, just a wannabe and an abuser, and she understood and accepted a true BDSM relationship would be nothing like that. However, over the years she’d lost interest, because there was no one she wanted to please in that way.
Mind you, there had been one guy who she could have subbed for, but as a friend of her brothers and ten years older than her, he hadn’t shown any interest in Shane. She didn’t even know if he was interested in kink like her brothers, but to Shane’s admittedly limited knowledge, he sure looked every inch the Dom. He’d made her pussy wet every time he’d looked at her, even when it was in irritation.
Shane got up and went to the galley for a glass of juice and a chocolate bar. She glanced at her watch—which she’d changed to UK time—and realized they’d be landing in Heathrow in a few hours. Then after the shuttle to Glasgow, she’d need to plot just what she was going to do next. A few hours well spent on the Internet had given her an address for the unknown Jess—a castle no less. And if her research was correct, one that housed a private BDSM club. It seemed a strange address for someone who’d been abused so badly, but then maybe she was over everything and had rejoined the lifestyle? Whatever. Shane knew she needed to find out for herself. It would be her own completion, one way or another.
Once she’d discovered exactly where the unknown Jess and the castle were, Shane had hired a car and arranged for hotel accommodation not far away. Now she was so close, she didn’t want to chicken out. 

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