Sunday, 28 February 2016

#SexySnippets meet Brody

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Meet Brody


Rules are meant to broken…

The mysterious Lady Mary McCoy is tired of playing by the rules of the ton. As a wealthy widow she fully plans on living her life to the full – free from the constraints of marriage.

And if she has to keep her high society status a secret in order to indulge in the more pleasurable pastimes of life, then so be it! Just as long as it’s on her terms…

Until notorious rake, Brody Weston, Duke of Welland, returns to his ancestral home – intent on her seduction! Slowly, luxuriously, he begins to unravel her secrets, one tantalising kiss at a time. And suddenly Lady Mary realises that breaking her own rules with the Duke is the most dangerous thing she’s ever done!

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‘Your breath is uneven, your skin aglow and your breasts? Why they strain at their confines and beg for my touch.’ Brody leaned forward and oh so gently ran his finger down her cheek, across her shoulder to rest, teasingly, where the remains of the lace started.
Damn him. She slapped his hand away and he laughed.
‘Does the truth hurt my dear?’ Mary didn’t need to look to accept he was correct—her nipples were tight and hard to the point of soreness.

The Duke'sSeduction of Lady M
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  1. Why, hello there, Brody. She's going to have her hands full with him ;-)

  2. His hands should be full of her as well. Great snippet Raven!